Why is Hollywood so leftist?

I was thinking about this the other day, about why is every major personality in Hollywood so leftist? Why is it that people who make a fortune on the Market just are so hypocritical and promote taking money from other people on the threat of violence? This was the conclusion I arrived upon that if you are a neutral individual in Hollywood there is no way you can turn out to be pro-Free Market.

Imagine if you are a rising Hollywood star. You made your first million. You rose from dire poverty/dire mediocrity, and you get a taste of wealth. You spend a lot of money, do things what you always thought you wanted to do. Maybe at this point you love the Market, or maybe not. Overall you just thank god for giving returns on all the (relative) poverty you faced over the years. Then you make millions more, and then millions more. Soon you are one of the most appreciated actors of Hollywood. You live in the limelight, and you never see anything bad.

You ponder over your life, and realize that you make all this money merely by showing up your face(or writing a story, or directing a simple movie) for a few hours on a screen. You don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong in your performance because it can always be covered up by a retake. You do good things or you do bad things you only get fame. If your sex tape gets leaked out, people don’t dump you and stop watching your movies rather they just come to your movie in an even greater numbers. You realize this and then you look at someone who is not that lucky to have happened to be born with that talent or that face. You do not consider that you could have actually worked this hard to achieve this success. The only thing which makes sense to you is that you are just too lucky than others. And this is how you see ever other hard working self-made billionaire entrepreneur. You believe that you must do something to help the unfortunate people out.

Hollywood people just happen to be the lucky people who have the face or the talent to provide us with that entertainment. Most of that earnings relies on the Govt-granted monopoly over information. Irrespective of what happens you will never find a leftist Hollywood star opposing MPAA or copyright, because they always know the effort involved behind making the movie. They just cannot ignore it.

Their whole world is basically made up of people who are the lucky people and those who are the unlucky people. Capitalism for them is just a system to reward the lucky people. They stand for all sorts of coercive redistribution of wealth and creation of big government laws not because they believe that some people have more wealth than others, rather some people have more luck than others. If a Hollywood star supports higher taxes, it is because he does not see the labor of wealth generation the entrepreneurs do. They just entertain people, so they believe businesses do not serve any utility to the people.

Similarly a lot of these things happen with the super rich billionaires, for example George Soros, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Bill Gates recently made a call for creation of a “Creative Capitalism” or “Compassionate Capitalism”, and it was a big blow to all the non-billionaire capitalists out there and it angered everyone considering he built his capital based on Capitalism. If now suddenly he wants creative capitalism or compassionate capitalism then he should start with making all Microsoft technologies open source.

The hollywood elites earn so much wealth that they now think they are just much more luckier than other people. It is true to a lot of extent, but then the problem is that they perceive every other hard working entrepreneur as much of a lucky individual as they are. There was one exception in Hollywood and that was Ronald Reagan who stood for lower taxes for rich people, because he himself never was super rich. He just was rich, before he could enjoy that super richdom he got enlisted in the US army and then he joined Politics.

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  1. joe
    September 9, 2009 at 2:26 am

    To me, it’s simple.

    IP laws (enforced by the government) allow these people to become celebrities.

  2. GP
    September 9, 2009 at 10:05 am

    Strangely u have not mentioned names of those so called Hollywood stars who think like Leftist. Also, is there anything wrong to be involved in philonthropic activities? Does that make them leftist? OR ur particulary unhappy about those who are ready to pay supposedly higher taxes :)( which I guess makes them leftist as per your thoughts in this article?)

  3. renegade_division
    September 9, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Oh yeah I just realized it, I had a different mindset in my head when I wrote the article. I am talking about Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Drew Barrymore, Billy Crystol, Bill Mahar, Sharon Stone, Martin Sheen etc etc.

    Hollywood has also been the only industry in America who was massively involved with the Socialist movement in America. When Communist movement wasn’t as demonized as it is now, a lot of Hollywood actors turned Communist(surprise surprise).

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