Making a Resolution and Breaking it

To make certain determinations and resolutions at the arrival of New Year is such a normal trend. Everybody wants to improve his routine life, everybody knows what wrong in going on and everybody further knows that if he determines to change certain attitudes, his life will improve and hence almost every second person resolute at the new year eve, to change himself and to improve. Than comes the part when he realizes that he fell back into most of his old habits by the January 15th, he almost forgets his resolution and gives up on them.
Thus, the trouble for an average man is not that he neglects the importance of making resolutions; rather it is that he makes too many resolutions. He becomes so habitual at making resolutions that he is forever forgetting and breaking them and again making resolutions afresh, again to break them.
Every time one gets late at office, he determines to get early next day. He sees himself getting up early at 7, dressing easily, enjoying breakfast with no hurry, no irritation, no fear that he may miss the Bus and he realizes that it is not so difficult to manage his time well, that he can resolute to overcome his habit of getting late. Obviously, he knows his imperfections and he knows how to perfect them.
Yet, he fails to remember his resolution for long. Soon he gets busy in the daily office routine. A number of things occupy his attention and his resolution temporarily drops out of his mind. By evening, he gets an idea to spend a little time at the dance bar. He suddenly remembers that he has resolved to not get late to office next day, yet the temptation of little pleasurable time tends him to go to the bar with his friends and have some drinks. He again resolute to not to take more than two drinks, he determines he will return to his home at most by 9 p.m. Again, in the friendly environment, when one of his friends offers another drink after the first two, he forgets his resolution, accepts one more, and enjoys a little more time at the bar. At last, he finds himself at his home at 11p.m, obviously late. He again tries to keep his resolution stern and decides he will sleep as early as 12a.m. After finishing his dinner, he open up the television set to listen the news headlines, determined to sleep as early as possible, yet his fingers wanders at the remote and after noticing the news headlines, he turns to some music channel to enjoy a little romantic slow melody, or may be some hard rock before he may fell asleep. At 1.30a.m, he realizes that he is again late and he gets frustrated, cursing himself, he enters his bed.
Next morning, the alarm clock warns him at 7a.m, he gets up, angry, resentful against the alarm he himself had set. He knows he had resolved to get as early as 7 a.m. Yet his body does not respond to the eagerness to keep up his resolution and he switches off the alarm and sets it again to 7.30a.m. By 7.45a.m, he gets out of his bed, again hurried and frustrated, he knows he has to hurry otherwise he will miss the local Bus his office. His body again is slow to respond to the mental eagerness to keep up with resolution to not to get late. By 8a.m, he still has to take bath and take his breakfast and by 8:30a.m, he realizes that he is again set to get late. All this making and breaking of such resolutions keeps adding up his frustrations and he fells in a trap where he finds himself unable to control his own accords, he realizes he is lacking will-power and than he resolute again, to never to make a resolution.
It is not the issue whether resolutions helps of improves someone, or they causes further frustrations, it is also very subjective whether to say that making too many resolutions is wrong or bad.
The only thing that is beyond any doubts is, if one makes a resolution, he needs to keep up with his resolve. There should be an insistence that if one makes a resolve it should be carried out. To make a resolve and break it demoralizing and it obviously fills one with further frustrations and complex characteristics. There should be no exception at keeping up with one’s own resolution. No matter nobody knows about your resolution, no matter even God will ever come to know that you broke your resolution, you would know it, you will realize that you fell weak you cheated yourself and that becomes a cause for you to loose faith in yourself. Next time whenever you realize any imperfection, any fault in yourself, you fear to make a resolve; you lack faith that you may better yourself. On the other hand, if you succeed in keeping up with even a single resolution you have made, it increases your self-confidence, your inner strength. You feel empowered, ready to take further chances, alert to improve further. Keeping up with a resolution enriches your capability to desire more, it increases your faith in yourself, your will-power.
Overall, it can be said that one should make fewer resolutions, and one should try his best to keep up his resolution. That is, one should be very choosy about making a resolution. Before making a resolution, ask whether you are serious at executing it, examine it dispassionately. Consider not only the advantages of keeping up such a resolution, but also the disadvantages of keeping up that resolution. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of committing yourself to a resolve selfishly and thoroughly. As for example, if you resolve to get early in morning at 7a.m, consider the sacrifice of loosing the sleep of end leisurely moments. If you are habitual to remain in bed until quarter to 8a.m, you are doing so because there are some advantages. Balance those advantages to the advantages of getting up at seven. You may find out that it is a deal of loss to get up at 7a.m, that to enjoy a little more sleep is much more beneficial than the little relaxation time you will get if you get up at 7a.m, and than you may decide to resolve to get up at 7.30a.m, as that would not only allow you to enjoy the little more early morning sleep, but also, it will let you have 15 minutes extra to get ready to your office. By weighing each of such facets of a resolution before committing to it, you will certainly reach to a conclusive pattern that would allow you to loose least of your pleasures and gain most of the advantages of improving your habits.
That is, before committing to a resolution, one needs to weigh and value all the advantages and disadvantages of keeping up with that resolution. His judgement should be specifically selfish, fulfilling his most important needs and desires. Once a person commits himself to a resolution that is certainly going to be beneficial for him and he realizes whatever little he will have to loose to keep up that resolution is certainly not of that importance and value to that of the advantages of keeping up with the resolution, he finds himself in a better position to keep up with his resolution and increase his self-confidence, his moral and faith.
Conclusion: Resolutions are obviously made to improve oneself and to denounce the imperfection. To make a resolution hence, is a very selfish act and one need to be careful that he may be able to keep up with his resolutions without any exception. If one fails to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of executing a resolution, he often tends to break the resolution at any moment he realizes that to keep the resolution is not as beneficial as to break it. That certainly demoralizes him and forces him to further his distress. Ultimately, the same resolution that he pursued to improve himself becomes the cause of his lack of self-confidence and demoralization. One should be very cautious and selfishly profit-loss calculative before committing himself to a resolution, to commit to a resolution hence, is obviously a very selfish act meant to improve oneself.

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  1. August
    January 4, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    To Author:

    Next time whenever you realize any imperfection, any fault in yourself, you fear to make a resolve; you lack faith that you may better yourself. On the other hand, if you succeed in keeping up with even a single resolution you have made, it increases your self-confidence, your inner strength. You feel empowered, ready to take further chances, alert to improve further. Keeping up with a resolution enriches your capability to desire more, it increases your faith in yourself, your will-power.

    Actually, it’s the faith itself which is causing all the problems. Rather than having trust in their abilities, people have faith in their abilities. They consider faith as driving force of their will. Rather than being realistic, people are either pessimistic or optimistic and their pessimism and optimism is solely based on a broken faith and faith respectively.Faith is the component which makes people suffer and causes all kind frustrations. Faith is expectation with whim. Faith makes a person lie to himself.

    Most of the time, will-power becomes fight against yourself if you have made your resolution based on faith. Many times because of their will, a person destroys his whole sense of happiness, he goes far against his nature to prove himself that he is strong. But, it’s not important that you are strong but rather it’s more important that you are right. Before making any resolution, a person should know his self, his sense of happiness.It is not important that the made resolution can be accomplished, but it’s more important that whether that resolution is in accord with his own self, whether it brings him happiness (other than that stupid Sadistic pleasure that he defeated his own weaknesses, and accomplished his will, how much he had to suffer that does not at all count.). This kind of will power kills a man’s spontaneity and sensuality too. He becomes a big pornographer whose sole aim becomes to defeat his sense of pleasure.

    Life is lived in present, neither in past nor in future. Sole purpose of future plans(or Resolutions) are to take right action in present, because the person wants to live his every moment the best he can.

    Overall, it can be said that one should make fewer resolutions, and one should try his best to keep up his resolution. That is, one should be very choosy about making a resolution. Before making a resolution, ask whether you are serious at executing it, examine it dispassionately.

    Resolutions are neither threat nor necessity. If the resolution gets broken mean, the resolution itself was wrong. Commitment to resolution is not a war against yourself, but rather it’s a war against Nature, circumstances and all other thousand things that come between you and your happiness.

    The truth is the person you mentioned in your article, simply don’t like to go office. He goes office out of compulsion and not out of his own choice. If he had enough money, he would spend his whole life in that bar with his friends and watching that show on TV. He goes office at time not because he likes to work but rather out of Boss pressure, Office Pressure, Peer Pressure. Whole time, it’s the pressure that drives him rather than his own desires. It is the pressure which drives him to make resolutions. Most of the time the broken resolutions are those which had been made to ease off your pressures. Only those resolutions affect self respect of a person, which somehow involves attention of others. Those resolutions which you make solely for your own happiness,if it’s some how broken, it makes you realise certain truth about yourself, either you are incapable or you over-expected out of your abilities. It simply makes you correct your own judgment about yourself.

    • Unpretentious Diva
      January 5, 2010 at 6:10 am

      Actually, it’s the faith itself which is causing all the problems. Rather than having trust in their abilities, people have faith in their abilities. They consider faith as driving force of their will.

      There hardly is any difference between faith and trust. I wasn’t talking of blind faith, I was talking of trust, the reasonable faith in one self.

      By the way, will power to execute a resolution is directly dependent on one’s ability to exactly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, the pros and the cons of the execution of that resolution. As a matter of fact, making a resolution and executing it with perfection is strictly a matter of economic sense or economic rationality.

  2. Shaurya Swaraj
    January 5, 2010 at 8:18 am

    Realistically…nature is Rational and Our mind is Rational..Biologically…we every food we eat from nature has direct effet on our mind…and we are uncertain about future is the proof that we are certain that we can gain knowledge and we know that we are uncertain about future…..
    So the person shouldnt have faith but a reason to believe in ones ability….faith means without any evidence and “reasonable faith” is in contadiction in itself Mam…I just want to tell u that If ones commit to obey the nature , nature also will give us results…totally Rational…either wrong or right…but there will be effect….
    So one has reason to believe that if ones is living up to ones expectations…provided ones expectation includd that he will give 100% no matter whether his goal will be completed or not … one will be happy……always and forever…

  3. Hoysala
    January 5, 2010 at 8:39 am

    1. “He” should be read as “he or she” throughout this essay.

    2. For the most part, one’s ability to exactly evaluate the pros and cons of the execution of a resolution is always outshined by his ability to handle the temptation that is accompanied with breaking that resolution, as one with a functional brain (say you!) always chooses a resolution with minimum or zero cons of execution.

  4. August
    January 5, 2010 at 10:29 am

    There hardly is any difference between faith and trust.

    There is a difference between faith and trust, faith surpasses your judgment but trust does not.If you have faith in something, you simply stop judging it, you consider it true by all means.

  5. Gaurav Shrivastava
    January 6, 2010 at 12:43 am

    Hey , that was my daily routine , I am scared , u r actin like Big Brother, The diff. is I make resolutions that i will break all of those resolution which the situation will force me to make.
    Anywayz, Isn’t it so that most of the time , we make resolution only for those condition , which we don’t want to carry out in reality . Do we ever need to amke resolution for goin out for drink in night? No, we don’t , beacuse we want . Resolutions are discovery of a society for creating Mediocres, a gentler start to create masses , who say something as right or wrong , bcz every other person is saying so. The stepping stone for craeting a democracy. LOL.

  6. Shaurya Swaraj Setia
    January 6, 2010 at 1:59 am

    You mean to say that the goal makers are all those people who started their goal to break the,,who start their goals and encourage other people to so so and indulge in the common activity and when their productivity goes down due to 1 person who says that “THIS IS A BORING JOB BECAUSE HE INDULGE IN THIS ACTIVITY IN SEARCH OF PROFIT WHICH HE IS NOT GETTING IMMEDIATELY” and the chain start by another fool person who believes in his saying and also say that “YOU ARE RIGHT MAN,THIS IS BORING JOB” and when they ask why so,instead of telling something which is worth to be heard,they say”THEY FEEL IT”….Do you realize anytime in your life that every thing is goal oriented .. everything in this life is goal oriented..biologically,realistically,NATURE IS GOAL ORIENTED…and like you are saying about people..YES YOU ARE RIGHT BUT IN HALF WAY,,,THAT THE ACTIVITY OF GOAL BREAKING IS STARTED BY THOSE GENERAL STARTER WHO STARTED BY SAYING THAT WE CAN HAVE EVERYTHING AND END UP SAYING THAT HUMAN IS UNABLE TO HAVE EVERYTHING BLANKING OUT THE FACT THAT BY SAYING THIS LINE THEY HAVE GOT KNOWLEDGE….ERRORS OF KNOWLEDGE ARE THE ROOTS TO SUCESS PROVIDED YOU ARE WILLING TO IMPROVE IT…and those who are saying that they dont have will power…SITUATIONS IS FORCING THEM FOR NOT TO ACHIEVEE THEIR GOAL…THE TRUTH IS “YOU WANT TO LOOT OTHERS …AND YOU ALWAYS FAIL…THATS WHY YOU DONT HAVE WILL POWER….Ive said previously that one is always free to acquire knowledge and in everymoment one should acquire it by conscious choice..whether the decision is to drink cup of coffee with a friend or to decide a big deal in business…the conscious action i.e action with which we know that what can be the long term effects and what can be short term effects…and deciding the total value of action and the one who says that I DONT FDEEL LIKE DOING THIS WORK AUTOMATICALLY SAYS THAT I FEEL LIKE DOING SOMETHING ELSE…WHICH PROVES THAT THE THING WHICH THE PERSON FEEL LIKE DOING IT HAS BEEN KNOWED AND HAVE INTEREST IN IT….BECAUSE AT ONE TIME IN HIS PAST HE MADE A CHOICE OF DOING THAT WORK AND NOW HE FEELS PRIDE WHEN HE DO THAT WORK WHICH HE CAN CONTROL….YOU SAY I DONT FEEL LIKE DOING IT…I SAY…DO THE WORK…LIKE YOU DID IN PAST..YOU WILL FEEL LIKE DOING IT WHEN YOU BEGAN TO UNDERSTAND THE WORK..AND WHEN YOU EXCELLENCE IN WORK…YOU WILL FEEL ONLY PRIDE AND JOY BY DOING THAT WORK…Its your fear which is created BY THOSE GENERAL STARTER WHO START RESOLUTIONS TO BE POPULAR AND TO GAIN OBEDIENCE FROM OTHER PEOPLE…TO CONTROL THEM INDIRECTLY BY THE METHOD OF RESOLUTIONS WHICH ARE UNREALISTIC…MAke resolution by the way nature works…A long term resolution and step by step …work toward s it..It will be completed..It is achievable….Because Nature is most compatinle with Human Mind…Both constitute of each other..Both are goal oriented…Understand Yourself,You are also part of nature…You will know thw motive of resolution…Break the habit of starting any new work on occasional days like new year,birthdays,,Leave this silly habits,,Nature dont do any climatic change,any drastic change on any occasional day,,Its human who have created such type of days,,,Republic day,Independence day,,,celebrate these days everyday,,because if you are not living such life evevryday then its useless to live is a slavery to start your life on a specific day but not now…START…Beacause if u doesnt NAture will not wait for you,,SHE WILL DESTROY YOU IF YOU DESTROY YOURSELF”I.E NATURE”.

    • Unpretentious Diva
      January 6, 2010 at 5:31 am

      @ Shaurya Swaraj Setia

      You mean to say that the goal makers are all those people who started their goal to break them

      Nah, I never meant to say anything like that.
      Rather I was talking of those people who actually take a decision to improve or better themselves but fails to fulfill their promises to their own self. Since they fails to execute their resolutions, they break their resolution and that causes further depression in them resulting in lack of self-confidence.

      The economical point is, your every action need to be justified according to your personal sense of profit and loss.

      Now you must understand that Profit and/or loss is not always calculated on the basis of money. For a person, enjoying the late hour sleep may seem to be much more profitable than getting up early and starting for the office unhurriedly. So, if he knows that his late hours sleep is more profitable for him than the resolution to get up at 7O’clock in the morning, he will surely decide to sleep until 7:30 a.m and than only start to get ready for office with a little more hurry, because for him, late hours sleep is more profitable, more pleasurable. Similarly, a drunkard may decide to NOT to drink anymore than a peg or two at evening. But if someone of his friends offers him another drink, he has to think whether it is profitable for him to say “No Thanks” for that free drink offered to him, and remain stern on his resolution to not to drink any more, or it is profitable for him to enjoy the free drink offered to him.
      If he thinks that the free drink offered to him is more profitable, he will surely break his own resolution to not to drink anymore than two pegs an evening.
      I think you need to re-read the article.

  7. January 6, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Everything depends upon what you think and how percieve.

  8. shaurya Swaraj Setia
    January 6, 2010 at 9:24 am

    No mam,,,I was saying my answer to gaurav who is sying something else you must read…and about your comment that every person is an end in itseld …that whatever his body suits,,,whatever he thinks according to the path of nature,,,according to to rational point,,like you said that for 1 person gettin up late is more profitable than another,,I agree on that point ,,but Like gaurav saying that to break the resolution is normal thing is totally a fake concept in which he means to say that we make goals for not achieving them…He is saying that we do not make resolution for drinking a cup of tea or some beverage just to hang out with friend,,,but the choice is not a cup of beverage,,,the choice is overall benifit to health,,,i.e to be conscious at every moment of ones life….to choose whether ones action is benifited in this particular moment or not …and it must not be having long term bad effect …like I am writing this comment on this website by the purpose that writing this comment will makes me understand about the fallacies and more fake concepts….and if any concept I dont know oir any error I am making which I till now dont think so …The meaning of my motive is to be rational,,,according to reason….YEs,,Rationality is the master virtue.

  9. shaurya Swaraj Setia
    January 6, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Actually @ Asit
    Everything dont depends on hedonism,,everthing depends on Rational point of view dear…..

    • Unpretentious Diva
      January 7, 2010 at 2:48 pm

      @ Setia

      Asit Everything dont depends on hedonism,,everthing depends on Rational point of view dear.

      I never said tht anything depends on hedonism, nor I said that hedonism is irrational. Hedonism is rational.
      What I said is, everybody is free to take his rational stand. Yet, when one doesn’t look for the various aspects of a determination before commiting to it, he faces more chanes of getting away from that determination and hence breaking the resolution. Hence, it would be proper if a person thinking of making a resolution, makes a proper “reasonable” study of all inclusive aspects of the execution of that resolution before commiting to it, and than positively decide whether he want to commit to that resolution or not. By doing so, he will almost nullify the chances of breaking a resolution to zero.

      I will again suggest you to re-read the article and try to understand it properly on rational basis, although I can understand that it is very hard for you to understand what is rational and what is not.

  10. January 7, 2010 at 1:39 am

    People have already discussed this very seriously and I am not going to speak much except that this is why I don’t think much before doing anything and that is why I love my much criticised lifestyle of living for the second and not even for the minute. It is more useful really.

  11. shauryaswarajsetia
    January 7, 2010 at 7:00 am

    Y are writing such hing by thinking that everybody is arguing and discussing here about the importance of making resolutions just to prove you wrong???
    1-Everminute if you are not serious about your life,,neither you are serious about your happiness nor about your earning
    2-Any1 doesnt give a damn about the thing if you are living consciously or subconsciously or unconsciously…Its your life…You only decide…If you are goal oriented then its fine to everyone..I mean every Rational person..If you rae not,,then it is also ok to everyone.
    Goal is the must process without which every second of ones life is meaningless…long term,short term and very short ones…all are integrated and interrelated to each other….your every actions depict your character…so if you are not making goals…you are anti-nature….Rest is your choice whether you love masochoism or Heroism.

  12. Shaurya swaraj setia
    January 7, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    If 1 is giving 100% to his consciousness and always strive towards reason,It is rational,,,if ones in this path makes and error and strive 2 improve is rational….but if one is unwilling to remove that error,It is irrational.
    and mam,I dont agree with what you said that hedonism is rational…rational means according to reason and objective reality dont depends upon the perspective of the person,,but person sense of acquiring the reason leads him to the path of objective reality where when he will makes an error,,he will be suffered but when he will strive to improve it,,nature will obey him..
    and what you have said in article is that the resolutions should be such that one is always be comfortable and always have a sense of competence with it….resolutions should be such that one should not be frustrated by the extensity of difficulty but should not also get too easy with ones resolution..
    It is subjective approach when one is making resolution that he is making resolution according to his needs,goals and requirements…
    but In my opinion that subjectivity is of no use when it is not on the rational basis because making ones subjectivism to the point of objectivism..
    and if you think I am still in error than it would be my pleasure to hear from you where in your point I am wrong……

    • Unpretentious Diva
      January 8, 2010 at 12:44 am


      If 1 is giving 100% to his consciousness and always strive towards reason,It is rational

      Apart from that, if you try to define rationalism for others, than it is irrational. As a matter of fact, you are acting irrational here. Rational is the freedom of a person to decide whether it is more reasonable for him to enjoy the late hours sleep, or to get early and start for office. His freedom is certainly rational. If by all your irrationality you want to force any decision on him, it would be foolishly irrational. So let him decide. Now he has all his freedom and mind to decide what his actions should be, so he need to be properly able to understand what is more profitable for him. And once he understand that, he would obviously achieve his pursuit of happiness.

      Now try to get a little rational!

      Anyways, now it is over, I won’t be answering any further for your comments. You can choose to keep stressing over your point of view which was never discussed in the original article.

  13. Gaurav Shrivastava
    January 8, 2010 at 6:19 am

    Hey sorry for usin ur name taht way , bt teh complete one is quite cryptic, anywayz Interesting comments , Was worth Reading . But I have few doubts , So , do u really think Nature is goal oriented , And if it’s goal oriented who has fixed them , And if it has been fixed , is it some natural power or nature itself , ANd if anyone has fixed them , Is teh destiny predefined , And if tehdestiny is predefined I think u really can end up proving Urself a great Spiritual Guru.
    Let memake it clear , whole evolution of nature as well as human-beings is oppurtunistic and That also depending upon teh situation prevalent at taht time, i.e, to say Tethys didn’t develop into Himalayas becasue nature wanted to create a fertile vastland In India, It developed into Himalyas Becasue Nature could have thought of that only as teh best possible solution at that moment of time , which quite significantly may prove as one of teh reasons for devestation of earth, as, In coming years we may sea that maximum rise in sea level was caused by Indian sub-continent as there was a significant rise in tenperature in Indian mainland due to Himalyas protecting them from polar Easterlies.
    And yes i assure the longest term goal that you can make and that u will achieve also is to make a goal to die , and yes i assure u u will achieve it step by step only.

  14. Shaurya swaraj setia
    January 8, 2010 at 7:15 am

    good…in one way you are right here…i.e halfly…but what you are saying that let him decide whatever he chooses rational..I think u havent read my all comments logically..My whole concepts are integrated here..I in all my comments I have Judged that if other person is rational or not…and I always judge that anyone is wrong or right..At one side you are saying that let everyone choose his way and on other hand when I am saying that Its your choice whether to be rational or not…I have described examples in my posts just to elaborate the concept…but whether anyone is choosing his goals by rationalism or not what do I care…I am writing the comments and taking part in this discussion and arguments only to tell my rationalism and yes you are right that its the mind and body of the person by the standard of which one is making his routine by rationalism…I never said that NO,you shouldnt sleep late night…ofcourse its irrationalism..but ive said that to choose the best for ones life whether it is more effective or less effective than other human beings..IT doesnt matter…Man is an end in himself…So Ive never forced any1..I just JUDGE and the one who can not judge is not rational…Like U are judging me as wrong ,,,by the concept of nature I judge every1….Hope I make ever1 clear my point of view that Its the right of judgement I did here..and I dont give a damn if every1 is irrational,,but to say and tell others that they are wrong or right according to my rational thinking is my responsibility as well as my right……
    and you do not reply to my post , that is your concern dear….and you are saying that I can choose to keep stressing my point of view…what I am here for..I am here for discussion and arguments..If any1 understand it ,,its ok and good,,but if any1 does not,,what does it matter???
    Now…like you have stressed your point of view in article you have written…likewise I did in all my comments…

    • Unpretentious Diva
      January 8, 2010 at 9:39 am

      but to say and tell others that they are wrong or right according to my rational thinking is my responsibility as well as my right……

      Let me clarify certain things, It is not your responsibility, if you think it is your responsibility, than you are IRRATIONAL. It is not your responsibility.
      If you say something about anything here, it is your right, your freedom of speech/expression.

      Second thing is, you are no authority to sermon others about what is rational or not. You are surely free to decide your own rational ethics. And once you decide your rational ethics, you are all free to act according to them, and than the your acts and validity of your sense of rationality will be checked on natural laws premises and obviously you will get the results as per the natural laws. Enjoy your life and be the end in your self and let others have their own end in themselves.

  15. Shaurya swaraj setia
    January 8, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Its ok…..It is my responsibility to make myself happy as per natural laws…and moreover this responsbility is given by me to me…but not any other…Man’s first duty is to himself….thats why I said the word responsibility…and I have right to have this responsibility..I love this responsibility and It is my right to choose any duty I take.
    and about authority..No one can stop me to judge…You should know the word authority….because authority means”the power or right to give orders to other people”…and I dont think that till now I cared to give anyone order here and moreover in my life…..

  16. Shashank
    January 12, 2010 at 3:28 am

    @ Unpretentious
    Why is it that one cannot clearly decide pros and cons of a resolution? What is it that stops a man (particluary me!) from thinking clearly about which is the better alternative for him?
    Even when one makes a resolution, what forces him to break and demean it?
    This is really something that I have often faced in real life.

    • Unpretentious Diva
      January 13, 2010 at 10:47 am

      Why is it that one cannot clearly decide pros and cons of a resolution? What is it that stops a man (particluary me!) from thinking clearly about which is the better alternative for him?

      I guess it is carelessness, lack of self respect and lack of slefishness. You need to be self-centered and well-aware of your profit and loss.

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