Why is India so dirty and corrupt?

Dirty by choiceI could not give this article a better heading, but I wanna promise one thing to the reader this will blow off all your ideas about “human nature” being responsible for the corruption and filthiness in India.

Why is India Corrupt?

Why corruption exists? In a simple line I can summarize the whole answer and that is “corruption exists because it makes people’s lives better”.

Let me come directly to the example part. Lets say in Indian law society the government passes a law that all the restaurants must use gold utensils(silverware made of actual gold). The plates in which they serve must be made from Gold, the government may have whatever reasons they think its important for the people to use gold utensils. For the sake of example just presume the government made this law for what they think is good for the people.

What do you think would be the consequences of this law? Would restaurants in India will really start following such a law? Lets take the honest and the dishonest restaurants one by one.

Honest Restaurants

A few restaurants who would be honest enough to comply with these regulations would go out and buy golden utensils, but to cover the costs of those utensils they will have to raise the prices of their utensils. So a regular tea which costs about Rs 5/- in any restaurant in India would cost about Rs 500/- in a golden cup and saucer. It cannot be reasonably expected that people in India would start paying Rs 500/- for a cup of tea. The overall consequences of this would be that the restaurant will soon go out of business.

Dishonest Restaurants

Now lets take a look at the dishonest restaurants which did not bother to comply with the regulation. Whenever the inspectors from the food department come around they bribed then to ignore the violation of the law. Since they did not bother to buy gold utensils, the prices of food in their restaurant are marginally higher(the bribe increased the costs). So a cup of regular tea costs about Rs 6/- in such a restaurant. It is quite reasonable to expect that people will be more than willing to drink coffee and eat from this restaurant than from the honest restaurant(where the food costs 100 times than this one).

Clean Plate of Strawberries


Overall any restaurant which tries to be honest will be wiped out of the business. Whose fault can we say this would be? Clearly the government’s fault which passed such a law. In fact it would be stupid to assume that ANY restaurant would be complying with this law. Now lets take a look at a more real world scenario.
In real world the government does not pass a law about using gold plates, rather it passes a law about using only plastic plates in the restaurants for hygienic purposes. Using plastic plates could be more hygienic but its also more expensive, on the other hand using washed(often poorly) china or metallic plates might be unhygienic but it would also be more cheap.
Whenever food department inspection happens, most of the restaurants prefer to bribe the inspector to overlook at all the violations because the lower costs and continual business tells the restaurant owners one thing and that is “People WANT cheaper unhygienic food, over expensive hygienic food”.
In fact the golden plates law is so stupid that even food inspectors will not bother to ask anyone to follow this regulation.
Democracy can go to hell, people WANT cheap food, thereby implying that they prefer reused dishes over clean disposable dishes, so they are ordering the restaurant owner to somehow keep the prices low. Therefore indirectly people WANT the food department inspectors to be bribed.

In richer societies like America people can afford to follow all the stupid rules and regulations and still pay the higher food costs, but expecting those kinds of standards in India would be really stupid.

Why is India so dirty?

Again just like the previous issue, its not because “Indian people are just too dirty and they have no regard for cleanliness”, India is so dirty because people prefer to live in that dirty environment than to clean things up and increase the cost of everything around them.

Lets again take an example. Lets say there are two convenience stores(Kirana shops) one is kept very clean, everything very tidy, and its located in a clean well maintained shopping complex. The other one is located in the middle of the regular flea market, its very messy, dirty and its surroundings are really unkept.

The tidy convenience store

The store which is located on a very well maintained shopping complex and is kept very tidy. It has a guard standing on its door, it uses electronic bar code system to keep track of prices and products. The store is always staffed with enough people, and it has achieved all that by spending money on the maintenance of the shop. This causes the store owner to increase the prices of his store products. 1 Kg of Sugar might be available for Rs 15/- on this shop.

Messy, but Cheap(and affordable)

The untidy, unkept convenience store

The other store which is located in the middle of a crowded flea market does not spend any money on the maintenance of the shop. This enables him to keep the prices of his store low. 1 Kg of Sugar is available for Rs 10/- in this shop. Where do you think the customers in India will go to?


Its clear that the tidy store will either go out of business or will do very little business because people will prefer to go to the messier dirty shop, because they prefer to buy the Sugar at Rs 10/-. This thing tells all the convenience store owners ONE thing, that Indian consumers don’t care for cleanliness as much as they care for cheaper prices. So the market rewards people to reduce their maintenance costs and reduce the core prices of the services and commodities.
Any public service place in India would be only as clean as its owner personally would like to do the effort of keeping it clean. A small shop would be kept much more clean because only one guy operates in it. A larger shop can cut its costs by reducing the cost on the maintenance.


Only one thing can be concluded from both these reasonings, and that is you can never beat the market. Its the market which will not follow the stupid laws because a politician may not be having the welfare of everyone in his mind, but the Market always wants to serve the maximum number of people in the best possible way.
People in India are not corrupt, they pay through their way because it enables their live through the mess of the government hinderance created at every step. They are no more or less corrupt than Americans in nature. Its just that in America people can afford to follow all the rules and regulations(though the sheet is being stretched too far with the latest assaults on free market and all the scapegoating of the free market and lack of regulations).

Similarly, people in India are not dirty, or unclean, they prefer untidiness over cleanliness because it enables them to buy more products and make their lives better. If Americans tomorrow stop paying the huge maintenance costs of the big departmental stores they will be able to save more money, thereby invest more money and thereby make themselves richer.

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  1. prashanthguevara
    April 7, 2009 at 12:12 am

    i don’t know why, but i love this post!!

  2. Rajat
    April 8, 2009 at 3:27 am

    Your Article is interesting and we had a talk on bribery sometimes back. But I believe you could have given a modest definition of the word corruption as the term is contextual.

    To complement your post: I found this article by Daniel Kraufmen, http://www.jstor.org/stable/1149337, where he clearly states that ” corruption may introduce an element of competition into what is otherwise a comfortably monopolistic industry…Hence tendency toward efficiency is introduced into the system. Also Bribing strategies..minimize the avg value of time costs of the que..” I hope you enjoy his work. Cheers!

  3. GP
    April 10, 2009 at 9:16 am

    In richer societies like America people can afford to follow all the stupid rules and regulations and still pay the higher food costs, but expecting those kinds of standards in India would be really stupid.
    <<<<<Well certainly : ) its true, But you got to give credit to their discipline and honesty in following all the rules.>>>
    Nice article , but the flip side of such cost reduction by not giving importance to cleanliness and proper hygien is end up wasting same amount of costs in medications and treatment once you suffered from illness/ some chronic disease.
    People hardly think about long term effects in short term goal. hmmm…. Human psyche! what else.. : )?
    But I think your anologies are perfect when end customers of your restaurents are ppl BPL. But if you need quality you got to pay for it and in INDIA nowaday’s ppl do expect quality so you can see a surge of big shopping malls and expensive restaturents in small towns/cities too.
    For me INDIA is dirty – bcoz certain indians do not understand importance of cleanliness and always like to live in filth n dirt(may be due to lack of its ill-consequences/awareness/poverty..reasons cud be anything)
    and want everything at cheaper rate without understanding why vendor charging more?
    Why INDIA is corrupt ? -bcoz avg. income of ppl in govt. offices is less than wht they can get through bribes n obvioulsy if u have 4kids and demanding wife to tolerate( yeah i am not using word “feed” :)) then obviously u have to get that money..so result is – corruption and bribery
    and if u talk about big tycoons and their deals — then its for “favouritism, monopoly and lack of morality”..Now why its lesser in US ..coz their “The price he/she have to pay when get caught in bribery case is far more severe than – what he can buy through a momentary bribe amount. And also his/her salary is good enough for him/her to get wht they want to feed their families
    (if they don’t ..they just get separated..which is hardly option for indians..i am talking abt avg. indians ..but anyways that will be separate topic for discussion. : )

  4. Kashif
    April 14, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    The story doesn’t just end there. An even more interesting fact is that businesses in the US that do not opt to provide good clean and hygienic services still get to sell their products at the same level of inflated prices and thereby increase their profit margins significantly without having the added burden of costs.

    Obviously there may be repercussions for such businesses if and when they get caught. But until that happens they still make unjustified profits without having the market object to it. They are accepted by the consumer because the consumer expects to pay at the same level as every where else so such businesses don’t really stand out enough for the consumer to react.

    I find this phenomenon specifically interesting because it provides ample of opportunities while living in the “Land of Opportunities” and such opportunities just do not exist in Indian market possibly because of competition, but mainly because the market is geared towards getting the best possible value for the money it spends.

  5. Vijayraj
    May 10, 2009 at 5:14 am

    I see a gap in your argument. 

    The ‘law’ that you have describes is itself ‘unjust’. It is like saying – from tomorrow everybody will have to pay Rs. 500 per month as ‘oxygen tax’. People will try to avoid it by paying bribes. It is like creating an artificial demand…and hiking prices(read tax).  A black market(read bribes) then opens up. You are simply taking a loss of Rs. 50 (bribe) to avoid a loss of Rs. 500 (Tax) The solution is not corruption…but to eliminate teh law which demands Rs. 500 for something that is free. In short – laws should help, not trouble its followers

    But what if the law was on Minimum level of cleanliness and hygiene? Or against using harmful food products? And hotel owners try to circumvent it by paying bribes? And give ‘cheap” food to the customers? The customers will gobble up the cheap food without realizing the ‘high price’ (medical bills, loss of health/job/life) they are paying.  Or put another way, they had not planned to spend their food savings on MEDICAL expenses, right? So even though corruption brings about short term gain to the hotel owner and supposedly to the customer, it causes a long term (but maybe intangible) loss to the customer.

    Corruption is not the solution but the result of inefficency

    Cleanliness – do you think all the developed countries were as dirty and filthy as india when they were developing? Prices come into picture when we are talking about spanking malls, decorated hotels, marble floored restaurants. Cleanliness is about basic hygiens and civic sense. What money is a person saving when he chooses to spit or throw rubbish on the road? That’s civic sense. What money are the tax payers saving when the sanitary department is not working? That’s inefficiency. Lack of work ethic. We cannot expect to have roads which have a streetlight at every 2 feet…or mechanised cleaning systems. But we can expect to have a level of cleanliness which does not HARM human life. Just because we pay TAXES…if there is no better reason!!

  6. renegade_division
    May 10, 2009 at 6:59 am

    @Vijayraj said:

    The ‘law’ that you have describes is itself ‘unjust’.

    Well I am sorry to say but that’s your value scale you are putting up there. I just chose the example of putting golden silverware so that it looks universally ridiculous.

    But what if the law was on Minimum level of cleanliness and hygiene? Or against using harmful food products?

    Well I am sorry to say that you are championing the “Govt is always right, knows everything, and always does thing right for everyone” cause here.
    The truth is, that if govt makes a law saying that nobody must eat Chicken because of Avian flu, and yet you find people eating chicken, its does NOT mean that those people are evil law breakers who don’t know what’s right for them and their welfare must be given in the hand of the govt.

    Rather, it simply means that people who still eat chicken would rather risk dying of Bird flue than to starve because of hunger. It is THEIR PREFERENCE.

    Similarly, there are restaurants which charge you only Rs 25 for a plate of food, and there are restaurants which charge you Rs 50 for a plate of food. According to the law of supply and demand, people should simply stop going to the dearer restaurant and all the restaurant charging Rs 50 must go out of business.

    Yet you see all the businesses striving. In fact if I came to your house as a guest and if you were to take me out somewhere, you wouldn’t take me out to Rs 500 per plate 5 star hotel, but at the same time you won’t take me to the cheapest restaurant either. In fact you would NEVER go to a really cheap restaurant because you are concerned about your hygiene.

    Why? Because you know that there are various cost cutting measures employed by the cheap restaurants and you might get sick. Haven’t you heard your friends and family saying “don’t go to that restaurant, or else you might get sick by eating food there”.

    The whole point is, for really poor people eating unhygienic food is a better option than starving.

    YOU may not find a reason why people should resort to corruption for avoiding minimum hygiene laws, but there are PLENTY of reasons why people would do that.

    Summarizing that point:
    You wanna decide the minimum hygiene level yourself, this is why it is wrong and immoral, you must allow the market to do that. Corruption against the minimum hygiene laws clearly show that YOUR MORAL SCALE IS WRONG and not acceptable to everyone.

    The customers will gobble up the cheap food without realizing the ‘high price’ (medical bills, loss of health/job/life) they are paying.

    Nobody does that. Not sure how old are you, but try living on your own and you will see the beauty of personal decision making.

    IF you don’t like unhygienic food, you will stop going to an unhygienic restaurant. You will PAY MORE and go to a better clean looking restaurant.
    For example, there are restaurants where only Truck drivers stop and eat, since they are on job, so they need cheap food. Therefore their restaurants are cheaply constructed buildings, the water is unfiltered and acquired from a hand pump, chairs are shabby etc etc. Now if you were to enforce YOUR VALUE SCALE for Cleanliness, you will invite corruption on the behalf of the Dhaba owner. Because then truck drivers will flock to any dhaba which bribes the food dept people and does not follow the law.

    Restaurants where food continuously causes people to fall sick get shut down pretty fast.

    Cleanliness is about basic hygiens and civic sense. What money is a person saving when he chooses to spit or throw rubbish on the road? That’s civic sense.

    That’s your choice. You want clean stuff, go pay for more clean stuff. 5 star hotels are VERY VERY VERY Clean. Why don’t you ALWAYS eat in them??
    Seriously how many times have you had food in 5 star hotels compared to the non-5star hotels??
    No matter what you say you prefer, by choosing to go to a regular restaurant, you prefer the less hygienic environment of that restaurant over a 5 star restaurant’s super hygienic environment.

  7. renegade_division
    May 10, 2009 at 7:13 am

    One more thing I wanna talk about, and I might write an article about it.

    Real Preference vs Psychological Preference.
    Lets say John says that he really prefers going to Switzerland for a vacation over going to Germany for a vacation.

    But then he looks at the prices for the tickets and finds out that he is getting a deal on the air tickets to Germany for half the price compared to the ticket for Switzerland. So he ends up going to Germany for a vacation than Switzerland.

    What does he really prefer? Going to Germany over going to Switzerland , or going to Switzerland over going to Germany.

    Its clear that he real preference is to go Germany on half the cost, and maybe spend that extra money on something else. That is he prefers enjoying Germany and buying more stuff over enjoying only Switzerland.

    Although lets say if he had won a contest and the award was an option between tickets to Switzerland and tickets to Germany, he would have taken former over the latter.

    Similarly when people say they wanna prefer eating in a clean environment over an unclean environment, they are just telling you about their psychological preference.
    On the other hand when they actually end up going to this cheap restaurant they are demonstrating that they prefer eating in unclean environment and using that extra money for something else, over just eating in a clean environment.

    An example:

    A woman is quoted that she is worried about the sound of jackhammers affecting her unborn child, but in the picture you can clearly see her smoking a cigarette.

    What does that mean? It simply means that she doesn’t really care about her child, though she does say that she cares.

  8. Vijayraj
    May 10, 2009 at 8:53 am

    OK. You did trap me with my words :-) Your responses do remind me of Ayn Rand, Fountain head and of course…Atlas Shrugged. I BET you are an ardent believer yourself. I used to be a great AYN RAND fan myself….now I am a little less obsessed – not because the philosophy is not good..but because I find it incomplete. Anyway, that’s my PERSONAL opinion…and I don’t want to digress ;-)

    Coming back…in short what I actually intended to say was though corruption forces you to take a lesser loss than being lawful – its a “loss” anyway. The hotel owner who bribes…might not pass on the Rs. 500 overhead to the customer…but he will of course HAVE to pass on the Rs. 100 BRIBE overhead to the customer. Either by charging more or reducing quality.  

    Infact, the Randian thought might make it more crisper. The government has ALREADY interfered and introduced its own value scale. Corruption just seeks to minimize the subsequent losses. So saying that my opinion means ‘Govt is always right’ would be too simplistic. In fact its the other way round. I am saying thaht the govt is WRONG – as wrong as imposing one’s moral scale on others can be (I leave that judgment to you!!) The corruption has already begun. The subsequent ‘corruption’ is just a measure to reduce the pain…or distribute it. In fact, looking at it this way…to me it seems taht YOU draw the line of ‘corruption’ only when the PUBLIC starts to pay ‘bribes’….and not when the govt introduces such a law in the first place. Just because its a law does not make it “right”. I am not talking about removing the govts value scale and introducing my own either. 

    My only fear is: Justifying corruption would end up justifying its origin: – somebody who imposed his own value over other’s…instead of just letting the market decide. If a person does it, he is a criminal..if a govt does it, its becomes a ‘law’. 

    Corruption/bribes is just an instrument of compromising with..and an indicator of the ABSENCE of a free market…and not an indicator of its PRESENCE. Calling them a mechanism of a free market justifies it. It is the sanctioning of the victim.

    Yes, I would like the truck drivers to have their cheap meals for Rs. 10…and others in 5 star restaurants for Rs. 500. Because they ALL choose to. And I would like it to remain that way always..without the dhabawallas or their custiomers having to take hit by bribing the lawmakers at anytime.

  9. Vijayraj
    May 10, 2009 at 9:15 am

    BTW…I found the ‘story of inflation’ and the blog on article,currency AWESOME. Explains pretty complex concepts with nice analogies. You have a knack for that!!! And thanks for introdcuing me to mises.org. Its like finding a treasure!!!

  10. renegade_division
    May 10, 2009 at 10:17 am

    I am not an Ayn Rand Fan, I just read her “Atlas Shrugged”, though I am familiar with her philosophy.
    So when you said I sound like her, I realized that I ended up using some phrases which sound like what she uses.
    But my intention of those words was totally in a different set. My background is Austrian Economics, and Libertarianism, not Objectivism(with a capital O, as in philosophy associated with Ayn Rand, not the abstract school of though about objectivism).

    The phrase which might have got you confused is “Value Scale”, or “Value Judgment”, this is not an Objectivist term, rather its from Austrian Economics. In fact my biggest problem with Objectivist movement is its value judgments.
    Rand talks about objectivity, but then she blows it apart with the various value judgments about everyone, that religious people are retarded, and objectivity means no personal preference, but absolute value scale as she puts it.

    Anyways, coming back to what I was talking about “Value judgment” means you cannot put values preferences on other people. For example Chicken is more nutritious than Wheat, but then saying that everybody must eat chicken, and punishing anyone NOT eating chicken(like the vegetarians) is putting YOUR value scale on them.

    Austrian Economics insists that Economics must not make value judgments. If Jaini people are dying of hunger, and there are wild rabbits everywhere, you cannot criticize them or somehow use govt to force them to consume Rabbits when clearly they don’t think its eatable.

    This is exactly what you do when you talk about “a basic minimum hygiene”. That is your criteria, let other people decide for themselves among themselves.

    The hotel owner who bribes…might not pass on the Rs. 500 overhead to the customer…but he will of course HAVE to pass on the Rs. 100 BRIBE overhead to the customer. Either by charging more or reducing quality.

    Well the competition ensures that he will have to pass the Rs 500 or Rs 100 overhead to the customer.

    Unless the overhead is really really small, no business can survive by doing what you are saying. Anyone not passing the cost to the customer is doing charity, and his business establishment will not last for long.
    I am serious about it, I cannot argue over this point, coz NO BUSINESS DOES THAT. Its completely impractical. You can go and talk to businesses out there.

    I am not saying that every cost fluctuation is shown in the food prices, but food prices DO go up with cost increases.

    Infact, the Randian thought might make it more crisper. The government has ALREADY interfered and introduced its own value scale. Corruption just seeks to minimize the subsequent losses.

    Exactly where Rand is wrong. Govt is totally unnecessary. Even by her own philosophy Govt is unjustified, but somehow she justifies it.
    Anyways enough of Rand. The point is, Govt ALWAYS distorts the value scale.
    And Black Market is people’s way of enforcing their value scale. And this is the whole point of this discussion of the article. Bribery and corruption takes place because the govt imposes a value scale on the people, people don’t like that value scale so they bribe.
    Similarly hygiene, people’s value scale is for less hygiene over more hygiene. That’s why poor people and houses will always remain dirtier than rich people and houses.

    My only fear is: Justifying corruption would end up justifying its origin: – somebody who imposed his own value over other’s…instead of just letting the market decide. If a person does it, he is a criminal..if a govt does it, its becomes a ‘law’.

    I am confused here, did you say in your first comment that “having a minimum level of hygiene requirement is totally justified”? Your minimum level of hygiene requirement is definitely higher than most people’s. Otherwise the restaurants would be much cleaner, they only adhere to the REAL preference of people, that is whether they want lower prices of more hygiene.

    Sure I would love to have the govt go out completely, but then isn’t the govt laws anyways being neutralized by the black market? All I am saying is, there is no need to get agitated, or resist it, any more or less than resisting the govt intervention itself.

    Corruption/bribes is just an instrument of compromising with..and an indicator of the ABSENCE of a free market…and not an indicator of its PRESENCE. Calling them a mechanism of a free market justifies it. It is the sanctioning of the victim.

    Well if you read it again I have never used the term “Free Market”, I always used the term “Market”, if you talk about the nature of the market then its a Black Market.

    Black Market is not Free Market, but is a Market in every other aspect.

    Yes, I would like the truck drivers to have their cheap meals for Rs. 10…and others in 5 star restaurants for Rs. 500. Because they ALL choose to. And I would like it to remain that way always..without the dhabawallas or their custiomers having to take hit by bribing the lawmakers at anytime.

    Good that you agree finally. I also want the same thing, but I wrote this article in an attempt to make people realize that Market(black or white) is not their enemy. Good thing that you understand Free Market, but most people don’t. The title of this article has made it quite a famous article on this site. More people read it more they understand Market.

  11. Vijayraj
    May 10, 2009 at 11:11 am

    No. I did not mean that introducing a law for minimum hygiene was completely justified – or completely wrong or anything. Because that would again be a value judgment on my part

    I gave it more to illustrate that corruption might seem white against the black background of something even worse – like a ‘ridiculous law’. So to introduce an element of grey – I introduced a ‘softer’ law. Just for driving home my actual point.

    I am not sure where I seemed to convey taht the dhabawallas should NOT pass on the overhead of bribe and engage in ‘charity’. Infact I said that they would HAVE to. An unfortunate but inevitable overhead of an imposed value judgment

    I agree that the black market neutralizes the government laws anyway. And a black market is better than no market. I just thought that your article seemed to say that black market/corruption/bribe is as good as a totally free market. Whereas in fact its just a pain killer, a work around – not the cure.And people should not end up confusing the two.  But yes, as you said – you did not use the term ‘free’ market.

    “Rand talks about objectivity, but then she blows it apart with the various value judgments about everyone, that religious people are retarded, and objectivity means no personal preference, but absolute value scale as she puts it” Exactly what I think. And even better put!!! She just thrashes all value judgments – and then  imposes her own :-)

    Whether government is totally unnecessary – hmm, I am not sure I agree completely. I think that merits a separate discussion though!! Have you read ‘Common sense economics’? They give a clear grouping of products that need/do not need a governemnt. Say products like ‘roads’

    Also, one point I would like to bring up is that a free market is many times confused with ‘majority’ as in: Supply will follow what  the majority demand. Though this is true…Many times (especially when things have reached a breaking point due to the ABSENCE of free markets) the majority FEARS the free market (when truth is too bitter) Say when it comes to eliminating heavy government subsidies etc. Though a free market is what works in the long term always, it might be hated because it displays reality without sugar coating it!! :-)

  12. mishra
    June 17, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    india is not only corrupt and dirty ; it is filthy superficial, over crowdwd, cowardises, completely frauded and what not.

  13. Arnab
    June 26, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    A fat load of BS

  14. Rahul Chaube
    October 25, 2009 at 2:37 am

    I liked it.Good examples.Probably you could have elaborated on corruption about ministers,top officials etc.

    • Renegade Division
      October 25, 2009 at 3:28 am

      Rahul you are probably right, but then the focus on my article was aiming at the crowd(which probably is having millions of people in it) which believes that India is so dirty and corrupt because Indian people are dirty and corrupt(as in by nature) and the reason why USA and other western countries are so clean because their people are quite clean and honest. The same group of people uses the fact that Indians when they go to Singapore and USA would keep everything quite clean and follow cleanliness as the demonstration of the fact(rather than contradiction) that Indians are so dishonest that they would make a mess in India but not in USA/Singapore(I read Kalam’s speech saying the same thing).

      The thing about politicians and ministers is the same thing except that talking about it would have diluted the article. The reason why public officials are corrupt, not because they are dishonest people or we elected the dishonest people, but because they are Public officials.
      You have given them the power to be dishonest and not face consequences like any other private employee would, and then you expect honesty from him? Government employees in India are dishonest for pretty good reasons. Imagine the public health inspection official in the article who is being bribed by the restaurant owners. Do you think he is doing a good thing?
      I think he is doing an awesome thing by accepting bribes. He is negating the disastrous effect of the stupid laws we have in India. The law was stupid, and it makes people waste say Rs 1000 everytime they wanna eat in a restaurant, so he accepts a smaller bribe, say Rs 100 and allows people to evade the law. Yes it happens from time to time that a corrupt official would accept money for a completely faulty product/service/contract, like a restaurant which causes food poisoning to its people. But the truth is, this is the price we have to pay, and we are not paying this price to have the privilege of eating for Rs 900 cheap, but its the cost we are paying for having that stupid law, its the punishment for having that law.
      If that law didn’t exist, if the govt employees weren’t given powers for these kinds of stuff, then the restaurants will compete among each other for real value, rather than the govt instilled value. Most restaurants in America have way higher food quality inspection policies, inspected by the private food and health inspection agencies and the govt health inspection agencies are complete waste(it is to be noted that in America people prefer paying more for cleaner food than people in India prefer to pay for cleaner food, that’s why the private agencies have higher standards, whereas in India the private restaurants can self-manage their cleanliness and hygiene standards).

      I would suggest you to read this article on how banning or prohibiting stuff results in creation of corrupt public officials and organized crime syndicates.
      Prohibition always kills more people than non-prohibition

  15. lecram
    December 22, 2009 at 8:25 am

    Having just come back from India (and Nepal) I was very intrigued to see what Indians think of hygiene and the concept of filth/trash.
    I think your article and arguments are specious – you should use real-life arguments to make your point rather than an unrealistic example of ‘gold utensils’ for 500Rs.
    It would be simply prejudiced (maybe racist) to say that all Indians are dirty and unhygienic – but it is also incorrect to say that Indians aren’t unclean because they prefer uncleanliness and cheap prices over cleanliness and cheap prices.
    Market competition keeps prices low in the West and the cost of cleanliness is not as high has you might think.
    You are right that it is the government in India at fault – but the people must also take responsibility. It is YOUR fault if you throw rubbish on the street (rubbish is everywhere in India). It is YOUR fault if you spit on the street. It is YOUR fault if you urinate or defecate on the street. These things are dirty and these things are unhygienic.
    In Australia we have much better infrastructure for dealing with waste. We have better waste management and better recycling. We have government campaigns to educate people not to litter our country. Spitting on the streets is considered dirty and urinating on the streets is illegal.
    That’s not to say that our waste management is perfect or everything gets recycled – but we certainly don’t have piles of rubbish on every street corner where pigs and cows graze – this is very unhealthy for the cows which are sacred in India; surely if cows were considered sacred they would be treated better than this.
    During our trip to India we saw people throwing rubbish (all rubbish: plastic, paper, food, cardboard etc) on the ground. Where do Indians think this rubbish goes? It is scavenged through by animals, some goes to landfill and is scavenged through by children, most ends up in the rivers or stays in the streets. This is absolutely shameful. I repeat: absolutely shameful. Your rubbish, which you throw on the ground goes into the rivers which you call ‘sacred’. What a paradox!
    You can only blame the government so much – sure, in most parts of India the infrastructure is poor (sewerage is worse in the North than it was during the Indus Valley civilization). But it is your responsibility (and my responsibility) not to throw rubbish on the ground, to reduce the use of plastics, to not spit on the streets, and to keep the streets free from human waste. It is the responsibility of government to build better infrastructure and educate.
    This may seem like an oversimplification – I have not lived in the country; only visited. So I would be interested in hearing your response to these comments which I do not wish to be inflammatory, but are actual responses I have had after my recent trip there.

    • Renegade Division
      December 22, 2009 at 9:11 am

      I am sorry but overall it sounds like you are still not over the shock of what you saw in India. Most of your post is more about “How could they?”, “That’s beyond comprehension”. I did not talk about public property in this article, I was only talking about private property.
      All the places you saw which were so dirty, were public property. You could throw anything on the ground because its public property, nobody owns it.
      If it is YOUR fault if you spit on the street, then why do the SAME people not spit in their houses or any body else’s house?
      Let me give you a simple rule for post processing, If you saw any land where two people who don’t know each other are walking upon, or using it in some manner, and it does not bear a brand name(that is its not a store) that is a common property owned by the government.

      I have peed in public in America, not because I wanted to do it but because I thought nobody in America does that and my American friends made me do it just as ‘rite of passage’ kind of thing on being American. I stopped doing it because I found out that there are laws in America where if you are found peeing in public that’s considered sex offense and then you will have to register in national sex offender registry and then you cannot live within 1000 ft of a church, school or a park.

      And its pretty racist to think somehow being Indian comes with being dirty and unclean. You can shove up that smugness up your butt. If you weren’t racist you wouldn’t make judgments based on your petty understanding of the world, and at least acknowledge that maybe you don’t know that many things. We all have seen Australian racism, the level of education, which can educate everyone to not spit on street, yet cannot teach racial harmony to people.

      I am sorry but what kind of education does a man need to understand that he shouldn’t spit in public? What have you taught your people which Indians cannot be taught? Get out of your cacoon of national identity, and think, there are two people standing in your living room, one is highly educated, other is highly illiterate, which one of them will spit in your room, and why?
      The answer is, you cannot tell. Chances are, neither of them. They are on private property, they were invited their by the owner, education or no education, everybody knows not to do it.

      Second question, would you pee in a jungle if you really had to go? Why or why not? If you are educated then shouldn’t you wait until you get out of the jungle, or hunt for a cabin or a toilet of some kind.

      The point is education has nothing to do with anything. MY article was working on the rational reasons on why people act the way they do. Race is an irrational reason. Education is also an irrational reason in terms of a customary thing. Waste Management is the last thing which has to do with anything.

      This blog is not about nationalist crap, this blog is not about the merits of education(or whatever makes you sleep well at the end of the day), this blog is about rationality, reason. Using Praxeology which uses human action axioms such as ‘Humans act purposefully’, I derived on the conclusion that the reason why Indian houses or private properties for public are more unclean(And this unclean isn’t really ‘trash all over the place unclean’, but more like why isn’t there a rug in every house, why its not vacummed daily, why the leaves aren’t collected and send to recycling, why grass isn’t cut every other week etc etc) than their western counterpart is because people can acquire more goods by not spending so much on cleanliness than they can if they did spend a lot on cleanliness.

      This again explains why Indian roads and highways are so bad than say American highways and roads, well you aren’t going to spend Rs 100,000 per year on a road to your office which enables you to earn only Rs 50,000 a year. Even if you manage to make the worth of the road out in salary, people still prefer taking more pains traveling on a terrible road and spending that saved money on their family than taking the school fees out of the kids and using a smoother road to their office.
      Of course roads aren’t private so these individual basis decisions aren’t really taken, but the government takes the same decisions when they perform economic calculations.

      BTW if you don’t think you are being racist/nationalist, read the number of times you have done we/you in the second half of the post, I mean just re-read the second half of your comment.

  16. lecram
    December 23, 2009 at 7:16 am

    Wow – that was a very reactionist response to my comments; from reading your response I think it appears that you have missed the point of why I wrote on your ‘blog’. But, looking around the internet it seems the Indian people responding to such questions as ‘why is India so dirty’ have responded in an incredibly rude and defensive manner, rather than attempted to get to the heart of a problem which is really affecting Indian people and tourism.
    You also did not address my point that your arguments are specious and it would be better to use real-life examples. I await a response (if you wish)

    Overall, I found private RESIDENTIAL property to be very clean; almost obsessively clean. I do not think Indians are dirty; but public areas in India ARE dirty and it is a pity that Indian people can keep their houses clean, but certainly do not attempt to keep the area outside of their houses clean. Is this a lack of civic pride? (I ask this as a real question, not to be inflammatory).

    In response to your question: ‘what kind of an education does a man need not to spit in public’ – the education needed is ‘public awareness’; you misunderstand my use of the term ‘education’. I do not mean that they must go to school. I mean the government should create public awareness campaigns to educate (ie. ‘impart knowledge’) that diseases such as the flu can be spread by saliva.

    I have admitted to having a limited understanding of this issue and made it clear that I am aware it may be an oversimplification. This is why I posted here, expecting a rational and adult response. For you to personally attack me as racist and having a ‘limited understanding of the world’ prevents us from having any logical and polite discussion about why there is an issue with pollution in India.

    It is incorrect to say that ‘public property does not belong to anyone’ – public property belongs to THE PUBLIC – in a legal sense, to the Indian people and the government. This does not mean that it is then ok to mistreat it. In fact, The World belongs to us all and if one person drops a plastic bottle on the street (in any country) or drives a car (in any country) then this impacts on us all. The plastic bottle may end up in the ocean and the carbon monoxide may end up in the atmosphere. This is not an issue of nationalism, it is an issue of common sense, morality, love for nature and the survival of our species.

    To answer your question: ‘would I pee in the jungle if I needed to go?’ Well, there’s no yes or no. If I could wait, I would wait. But if I couldn’t then I wouldn’t – and I would feel find about it because I know there are microorganisms in the jungle fully capable of breaking down anything harsh in my urine. I would also know that the jungle does not have a densely built-up population of humans, who could contract disease from my urine. In India, people urinate in areas with a dense population – so it is not just one person’s urine but thousands of people’s urine in one area. This causes imbalance: there are not enough microorganisms to break down the nitrogen from the urine and there would also be a higher chance of contracting diseases which are spread through urine. I would be comfortable urinating in the jungle because there would be little chance of another human finding it before it was broken down. However, I would not urinate within 100 feet of water (ie a lake or stream)

    I’m shocked that you would think that waste management has nothing to do with issues of pollution. I see your use of Praxeology would suggest that Indians do not rank reducing pollution/rubbish high in the scale of things they want in their life. It is interesting how much one has to generalize to make this assumption. Praxeology was a science developed to work out truths in human nature; but your examples are too exaggerated, too generalized and too unspecific to have come to any truth. They may sound logical, but they have little mirroring in the real world. I think it would be better to spend your thinking time and your use of logic in real-world scenarios. Go to one area and look at why it is dirty. Ask some people. Speak to heads of government. Look at the infrastructure. You may find that there are many reasons. You may find that people have varied thoughts and views on the issue. You may also like to have another play with Praxeology and you could restructure your argument to show that pollution is one of the most pressing sources of dissatisfaction for many everyday Indian people, but desire for wealth is the most pressing goal for members of government. Or you might find that it’s the other way around. Chances are, this kind of reasoning will never give you any real answers. It will give you answers; but not real ones.

    I do not believe I was being racist in my comments (or smug) – please re-read what I wrote: To summarize I said “it WOULD be racist to say those things” (ie. I am NOT saying those things as it would be an oversimplification).
    India does have a major problem with pollution: pollution in the air, pollution in the water; rubbish and waste (both organic and toxic) on the streets. If this is pointed out to you and your response is to accuse someone of racism, and to be defensive, then we know where part of the problem lies. Australia has big problems with rubbish and waste too – but when this is pointed out, I believe that generally action is taken to attempt to fix the problem. You have misunderstood my comments as nationalism based on racism and you have also assumed I am white Australian. I’d rather not contribute to a post when the author responds irrationally and loses the focus of the original subject so I hope you see fit to make good, honest points and argue like a gentleman rather than a raging teenager.

    Just one more point regarding ‘Australian racism’ – racism does exist in Australia (as in any country) but it is only found within a tiny minority of people (usually teenagers looking for a fight). To accuse Australia of being racist is a racist comment in itself. Australia is not a racist society (but has pockets of racism and has a racist past).
    The perceived racism was a media beat-up. Independent sources of news will give you a more accurate story. Generally Australia has opened its arms up to Indian people and most of us were shocked that Indians were perceived as targets for racists. Most Australians have never seen racism against Indians or even heard of Indians being a target for racism (except maybe in a primary school playground).
    In my understanding of Indian history, India is a far more racist and segregated society (for example 2500 Muslims massacred in Gujarat in 2002). Nothing like this happens in Australia.

    • Unpretentious Diva
      December 23, 2009 at 4:00 pm

      Wow – that was a very reactionist response to my comments; from reading your response

      I have never seen Renegade Division ever getting reactionary or angry or whatever while answering someone’s comment. You are the lucky chap to get his attention, or may be you were enough wrong.

      In response to your question: ‘what kind of an education does a man need not to spit in public’ – the education needed is ‘public awareness’; you misunderstand my use of the term ‘education’.

      I don’t think “Public Awareness” has anything to do with cleanliness. Rather cleanliness is a matter of education of profit and loss.
      In an Indian village, at a farm, if one spits, or looses his excrete, it obviously adds up in the farm as “Biological Fertilizer” and increases the productivity of the farmland. When the same man goes to a city where, the land is obviously not requiring any human natural service to add fertilizer to the land, if he pees in the lonely corner of a street, it becomes a reason of dirt.
      Now he needs to think/learn that by spiting or peeing around, he is not helping anyone.

      Also, no matter people throw their dirt in open farms in villages, villages are much more clean and environment friendly than most of the cities.

      Renegade Division is further right about the issue of private property and that can be proved by the wide contrast between a private toilet service centre near a highway or Bus stand and a government administered “Sulabh Shauchalaya” (Free toilets). Obviously, the private service providers are cleaner.

      I mean the government should create public awareness campaigns to educate (ie. ‘impart knowledge’) that diseases such as the flu can be spread by saliva.

      As I said earlier, in a village, when one throws excrete out of his body in a farm near the village road/street, it increases the fertility of the farm. He doesn’t need any education to realize that in a city his spitting or similar actions are of no use to anyone. Also, he need proper facilities to throw his wastes at appropriate place. Just because peeing may spread disease, a person cannot stop peeing. So he need proper toilets near the roads. Now if a road is privatized, obviously, the road owner will provide proper facilities to avoid dirt on his property. In case of government owned roads, its futile to aspect any proper services. Government may get some success at maintaining the major roads/streets of some of the major cities, but it is certainly impossible for government to provide any such environment that supports/promotes overall cleanliness. Privatization will obviously be successful in doing so because that will ensure more profits.

      public property belongs to THE PUBLIC – in a legal sense, to the Indian people and the government. This does not mean that it is then ok to mistreat it.

      That means nothing. I am Indian, Taj Mahal is in India, that doesn’t make Taj Mahal my property. If I spit at my house, I will be the person who will have to clean it because it is my property, if someone else spits on my house, I may slap him, because it is my house. If same person goes to Taj Mahal and spits on its walls, I won’t care. Why should I care? I don’t get any revenue or sort of comfort if or not a tourist visits Taj Mahal.

  17. lecram
    December 23, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Just one more point regarding ‘Australian racism’ – racism does exist in Australia (as in any country) but it is only found within a tiny minority of people (usually teenagers looking for a fight). To accuse Australia of being racist is a racist comment in itself. Australia is not a racist society (but has pockets of racism and has a racist past).
    The perceived racism was a media beat-up. Independent sources of news will give you a more accurate story. Generally Australia has opened its arms up to Indian people and most of us were shocked that Indians were perceived as targets for racists. Most Australians have never seen racism against Indians or even heard of Indians being a target for racism (except maybe in a primary school playground).
    In my understanding of Indian history, India is a far more racist and segregated society (for example 2500 Muslims massacred in Gujarat in 2002). Nothing like this happens in Australia.

  18. lecram
    December 26, 2009 at 6:47 am

    Interesting take on the matter – which really (for me at least) highlights why India has such a problem with pollution and rubbish in the streets.

    In response to your comments that farmers use excrement as fertilizer:
    - In many countries this is illegal because it is the best way to transmit disease. Human diseases are spread by human waste.
    This highlights my point about education: not in the sense of an academic education, but simply imparting the knowledge that human waste contains disease.

    The argument of ‘profit and loss’ is invalid when it becomes an issue of ‘life or death’ or hospitalization or civic duty and morality.

    Definitely better infrastructure such as public toilets would counter the argument that ‘if you gotta go, you gotta go’ – and talk of finance comes into it if you are thinking about privatizing. However, this is a governmental responsibility and proper handling of income (eg from taxes or reducing misappropriation of money in governments) would increase money available to infrastructure.

    Your argument that the ‘it is certainly impossible for government to provide any such environment that supports/promotes overall cleanliness’ intrigues me. Why is this? Is it a population issue? As a citizen of India and a taxpayer I would think you would demand this. How can other countries have great infrastructure, sanitation and environment policy when others cannot?

    Your comments about the Taj Mahal are also interesting for a number of reasons. There seems to be this recurring comment that “it’s not my property so why should I care?” It is such a nonsensical argument for so many reasons! IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT MONEY! The whole world is our property – or, more accurately, our RESPONSIBILITY. We all have to reduce the impact we are having on the environment, no matter where we are. While in India it would have been so easy for me to spit on the streets or throw my rubbish on the streets but I would NEVER do that. In fact, I took rubbish back with me to Australia to be recycled because I knew the facilities were not readily available in India.
    You used the example of the Taj Mahal, which is in fact changing colour due to acid rain which is caused by pollution – so the Indian government has set up the Taj Trapezium Zone.
    Honestly, does it really not affect you that one of your country’s most well known monuments is being degraded by pollution?
    Just like you hold your own private property sacred and would ‘slap someone’ if they spat in your house, some people hold public property sacred regardless of financial gain or loss.
    There are more kinds of ‘wealth’ than just financial wealth and I’m sure you can even play with Praxeology to find a formula that reveals people will begin to put their health, the health of others and the earth in front of financial well being.

    I’m so surprised that at no point has anyone said: ‘I know, this is horrible and we need to change this.’ There are people in India who are outraged by the pollution and rubbish on the streets; there are people who are doing things to counter it. It’s just a pity that some people have the attitude that “it’s not my property” and will continue to throw their rubbish, spit and excrement on the streets while a humble few clean up after them.

    The most revealing sentence in your comments is “Why should I care?”
    If you really need an answer to that question take a walk outside.
    And, if you ever do see someone urinate on the street you might want to point out that a lot of people in India actually live on the streets and it’s not very nice to piss around where they sleep (as a matter of respect, if not of cleanliness).

  19. pradeep
    January 3, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    the person who has come out with this article is absouloutly foolish he has done no research on anything but has just put this article when he was drunk i think i really wasted my time reading this bull shit

    • Renegade Division
      January 3, 2010 at 9:16 pm

      Which part do you think is completely trash, the fact that world thinks Indian people are dirty and corrupt, or the part where I gave a rational explanation to it?

      Lets take a simple question and see what you think is an answer to it.
      Why doesn’t India have good roads like western countries? Its not like India does not have the technology to build awesome roads.
      1) Western countries have more honest and efficient governments so they build good roads there, India has a corrupt and inefficient govt so they don’t build good roads.
      2) It makes no sense to have a road which is build by spending Rs 5,00,000 a year on it when the revenue collected from that road(which is an indicator of the amount of utility it is to the people) is no more than Rs 3,00,000 a year. The utility I am talking about is not how much do you think this road is valuable or useful to you, but how much money will you be willing to pay to drive on this road. This number will never be more than the amount of extra money you make by driving on a worse road.
      For example if lets say your office is at 1 hour drive. Total time you spend driving on that road is 2 hours a day(back and forth). If a better road enables you to drive faster so you reach to the office in half the time, this means you are having 1 hour extra working in the office, and you earn Rs 100 extra everyday because of a faster road then the maximum amount you will pay to drive on that road will be Rs 100.
      If the cost of the road comes to Rs 500, whether you pay that money or not, its a wastage of resources.
      Irrespective of how much you complain about the road, its just not worth paying Rs 500.
      Now whether you really work that extra hour or spend it at home with your kids or do whatever with that saved hour makes no difference. Your opportunity cost of an hour is Rs 100. For all that matters you could stop on your way to office and spend 1 hour everyday at a coffee shop and thereby taking same time to reach home.

      The point is logically speaking until our jobs are really worth running on that smooth roads Americans and western countries enjoy we are not going to have those kinds of roads. Our time will not be worth saving until the value of our labor in India goes up.

      The above is an example of the kind of rational approach I have used in my article. I know this article is posted at a lot of blogs and forums by all sorts of people, those who wanna explain things or just wanna use it(without even reading it) to throw dirt at Indians. But Pradeep, something tells me you haven’t even properly read the article.

  20. Maloon
    February 16, 2010 at 10:21 am

    A lot of the West is sanitized and clean but lifeless. India is dirty but there is real life in the streets.
    Some European cultures get it right. Lots of life on the streets, markets, but also clean. However others get it wrong. The government sits on the back of people and businesses unleashing an endless stream of taxes, regulations, and edicts. This sucks the life out of

    India must work as a whole to squash corruption however. It is a betrayal of the entire concept of public service. If theres not enough money for the public servants hire less. If people are using government power as a racket, find them and put them in prison.
    The US is starting to suffer as a whole because of corruption and bribery also.

  21. zais
    February 17, 2010 at 6:22 am

    boo. this are all lame excuses and we indians are dirty, corrupt, greedy. raciest etc etc. we always try to hide our dirty faces under some neatly woven excuses. please wright some truth and try to open our eyes. I want my country to be the best.

  22. khalida begum
    March 12, 2010 at 10:49 am

    India is dirty because of over population,that creates lack of education and awareness-poverty,which means schools cannot be afforded by the poor.Government schools are useless.
    Overpopulation is an answer to everything in India,besides the heat,less rains.Lot of dirt gets washed in western countries due to rains.
    People are corrupt because the leaders are corrupt,and people are selfish-they like to read the righteous in their religions but not follow it practically,Indians are dishonest to themselves and wouldnt like to face it ,they are hypocrites.Also they never revolt,because they believe in karma theory-if the ruler is harrasing us,making us poor,its all in our karmas!!!
    India,Pakistan,Afghanistan and the likes are a big burden on the world.

  23. kakku
    March 27, 2010 at 6:18 am

    hi folks,,, india is unclean because people in villages had no formal education,, you will get what i mean if you skip between city and so,,,india will developed if the mind set of people changed ,,she only produces most no of graduates in world..u.s is far behind,even obama concious about indian kids overtaking americans,, to get off rotten all they have to got off what they called politics,, personal hygine is high in india but poor performance in public sanitaion because no body cares about it,,, and indians far advanced in mental cleanliness than western people,,they hate gunshots,, but they like to piss on free air,,rock on…….

  24. stewart
    March 30, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    I shall tell why india is a corrupt nation

  25. Aneel
    June 10, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    “That means nothing. I am Indian, Taj Mahal is in India, that doesn’t make Taj Mahal my property. If I spit at my house, I will be the person who will have to clean it because it is my property, if someone else spits on my house, I may slap him, because it is my house. If same person goes to Taj Mahal and spits on its walls, I won’t care. Why should I care? I don’t get any revenue or sort of comfort if or not a tourist visits Taj Mahal.”

    I’ve come across this stupid way of thinking far too often. Something about the subcontinent seems to breed tiny minds with selfish outlooks. I prefer not to go there any more, because there’s nothing worth going for. Stupidity, filth, noise, ignorance and dishonesty. That’s India.

  26. stewart
    July 2, 2010 at 6:17 am

    we are a group of patriots ma’am who are frustrated by the indian leadership.
    we have been frustrated by the indian leader since time immemorial, our aim is not just to crib but to spread awareness to readers like you who are far, far, FAR away from the ground reality of the indian society. we cannot just sit at home and say that everything is all right when it is nothing near all right. Supressing the truth, ignoring the truth will lead to much worse consequences than we are sitting in today.
    If you read this coment today then I would urge you to switch on your television and tune to any of the news channels. the top two stories playing are the naxalite violence and the unrest in kashmir. the naxalites were law abiding indian citizens too who kept hoping that situation will improve someday but when it did not they had to do what they are doing today. when they were sitting quietly waiting for food, water, jobs for the young generation… their appeals were ignored by people like MADHU KODA who was busy involved in a multimillion rupee scam. No one was listening to these problems but now suddenly when they have picked up the arms everyone is like those naxalites are out of their minds breaking the law.. Though I am not saying that what naxalites are doing is completely right but then what else can they do. some people say there is a non violent way. Like what… a candle dharna at the india gate? the amount of problems we have in the country there will be a wax hump bigger then the india gate itself. We people have become selfish because we know that no politician, no government will improve our standards of living, we have to earn ourselves and move up in society, this is where the corruption starts. It is a chain started from the top..
    Just think about this..
    Where does all the tax money go?
    yes, they are spending it on defense and what else? thats it.
    where is the inflation going?
    IS delhi ready for the commonwealth games?
    or was the delhi govt. busy demolishing houses and taking corruption money from people like me.. Yes I had to pay because they would not let me construct my house. For every truck of trolly of construction material that came to my house I had to pay something to the police.
    This is the truth we have to live with in india. and shalini it doesnt change by saying AAl IS WELL, Aamir might be able to do it but sorry I cannot.
    Please step out for yourself and see our beautiful country.. it is really beautiful.. even troubled parts like kashmir are very beautiful but its depressing to see our country go down. They say the gdp is this much the economy is growing.. yeah that must be happening in metros like delhi bombay but wts happening in the naxal it areas someone is robbing the coal mines, iron ores and I refuse to believe that the local authorities do not know.
    we are emptying our country from the inside out.. I say inside out because this time its not the britishers, Its us WE THE PEOPLE of INDIA…
    freedom fighters like bhagat would be feeling bad today, he must be thinking that why did he sacrifice his life for the country. Did the freedom fighters sacrifice the country so that our politicians can replace the britishers, well britishers would have been better.
    Please think about it and see for ourself sometimes even the news channels do not have the real story and sometimes they are even paid to keep shut.
    Its all about paisa today.

    *there has been no exaggeration in this comment about any instance of corruption.

  27. Shalini
    July 10, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    This is the stupidest article I have read. It is becasue of people like YOU that India is still dirty and corrupt!!! You people never want to strive to be better, just take the easy route! Dont blame the Amercians for actually having some minimum standards! You are putting your own people down by saying “don’t expect teh same from India”.

    • Renegade Division
      July 12, 2010 at 12:11 am

      @Shalini, I refuse to believe that you read or understood the article. I am sorry.

  28. August 4, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    Our country is full of corrupt officials. We should now stand up together and bring a complete change. Join Young India Association

  29. say no to net ids
    August 15, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    this is absolute crap, do u honestly believe in ur bollocks. india is corrupt cause its politicians are bought and sold like the pigs they are. if india was not as corrupt as you think why does india go with the rest of the rat race in increasing taxes, using false flag attacks to put its citizens in a secure jail with no freedom of movement and expression, take civil liberties away such as the not so far away requirement of a net id, monitoring of peoples movement lifestyle (we are not monkeys), genetically modified food, concept of fake money. one final word to you all wake up before you realize you owe everything to me.

  30. PaPankaj
    September 11, 2010 at 9:19 am

    If one goes on thinking rationally why, why , why …i.e. why no education. public awareness , is because a lot more people need to be educated…. a lot more cars than the roads can susatin, a lot more people to feed than the govt has its capacity, a lot more people to impart formal/informal education and most important infrastructure…. a lot more people with 1 toilet at every street can manage with….
    So a lot has to do with population as its roots and that can be controlled as in china with 1 child policy throughout imparating common civil code for all residents (any reliogion any race)….foloowed by strict law implementation, followed by streamlining the existing infrastructure…followd by improvements in living condifitions….follwed by changing the system one by one….

  31. Pankaj
    September 11, 2010 at 11:25 am

    OK so India is dirty and Corrupt….Now what can I and we collectively do to improve the situation???
    Results should be powerful enough rather than the question why?

  32. hahaha
    February 9, 2011 at 2:52 am

    you’ve lost your mind !!! seriously !!

  33. Supernatural
    February 9, 2011 at 4:41 am

    Listen to me guys, no matter what the whole world thinks about India but the truth is deep inside India is the best country to Live in and you know it, some people cant digest the fact that irrespective of monsteress population India is competing for superpower race, now this is what making them so uncomfortable, I am an Indian and very proud of my country. to hell with goras they are morons

  34. John
    February 20, 2011 at 12:59 am

    The blog article treats government as some sort of god-created external entity, rather than elected officials. Indians think in a short-sighted narrow-minded way — can it benefit me, my children, and my son-in-law? Every one else go to hell.
    Everyone draws a line of cleanliness. Even Indians will not eat food with urine or shit in it. But most Indians accept food that is dirtier than most Americans will. If Indians insisted on cleaner food, they will not eat at dirty restaurants. It is not just a question of price. Indians will buy cell phones and cars, but are unwilling to pay to clean up their street.

  35. Siddhartha
    March 11, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Most of the communities in India (such as Bengali), are succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty’(a theory introduced by an American anthropologist Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is at all ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-administrative system, weak mother language, continuous absorption of common space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold. Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting of those children those are born out of ignorance, real poverty. All of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty’) in their own life/attitude, involve themselves in ‘Production of Space’(Henri Lefebvre), at least initiate a movement by heart, decent & dedicated Politics will definitely come up.
    - Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah-711101, India.

  36. robin
    March 12, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    born in canada but would gladly leave any day to start a new life in india.

  37. Mongopher Alexi
    March 16, 2011 at 7:48 am

    This blog post is a load of garbage.

    Indian people do not choose filth, dishonesty and other corrupt behaviour because they choose to. They can’t help themselves, they are genetically programmed to favor filth and dishonesty.

  38. Venkat
    March 16, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    This post looks logical and interesting. So does lecram’s comments. There should definitely be public awareness programmes. If it does not work that way, should we enforce a law to keep our places clean? Something like – “If you don’t want to pay a fine, then don’t spit.” Now the problem with such laws is corruption again. Suppose the government brings a law that says Rs 1000 would be fined for spitting in public places, people would bribe the govt. officer with a hundred rupee currency bill and avoid paying the fine.
    Now that’s the thing that does not happen in countries like America. It’s not that we cannot bribe officers in America but we would invite trouble. We would invite trouble if we trying bribing an officer in America for that small amount. We are better off paying the fine.
    So could this situation ever be stopped in India? Not until 1) there is a radical movement 2) or the government officials in India stop accepting bribes for the work that they’ve to do 3) or people stop bribing the officials for their wrongdoings. So the whole argument runs deep and questions the fundamental ethics of the people and that is always questionable.
    To start with, we could have a law for punishing people with a fine. There has to be a start somewhere. Our bosses mandate us to be in the office by 8 am. If we are running late daily by half hour then we risk our performance appraisals. That’s the fine we pay. Now we don’t know if we could bribe our bosses with extra breakfast and coffee :).

  39. Frank
    March 17, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    I came upon this post because I was curious as to why Indian restaurants in Los Angeles are so dirty and their food of such poor quality (compared to restaurants of other ethnicities). Once the Indian restaurant owner is in America, shouldn’t he change his ways to adapt to the local standards? Why is the Indian restaurant still dirty when it exists in an American city? Also, your economic model does not work as the dirty/low priced Indian restaurant is empty while the clean/more expensive Cuban restaurant next door is consistently full of customers.

  40. Venkat
    April 8, 2011 at 1:53 pm


    I think there may be few restaurants that way. Whenever I’ve had food in an Indian restaurant in an American city, the cleanliness is the first striking factor. I always feel that why don’t we get the same quality in all restaurants in India. However, assuming your opinion to be a fact for all Indian restaurants in Los Angeles, the reason for low quality food could probably be due to the fact that a larger chunk of the restaurant visitors could be the local Indian/Asian community and not other LA visitors. The pressing requirement for that larger Indian/Asian community could be low cost for moderate quality food.
    It would be good if Julia Roberts visits the small shop once or twice in a year but the owner will not be in business if he does not cater to the needs of his daily customers.

  41. Venkat
    April 8, 2011 at 1:55 pm


    I think that could also be the reason why the Indian restaurant is empty. Nobody wants to visit. Not the Indian community themselves. I think that goes for any restaurant in America. Any restaurant with low quality food will not survive in business

  42. Raju an Indian NRI
    April 10, 2011 at 12:15 am

    i do partially agree with you.But the real thing that happen in india even the expensive store will also try to go provide cheaper products to get higher margins……. The expensive store still has the same visual presentation but not the right product.

  43. Abhishek Bhattacharya
    April 13, 2011 at 11:31 am

    @author: Post 23
    January 3rd, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    I do not agree to your logic of spending more on roads when the economic realisation is less than your expenditure. In many cities where the tax collections are relatively high eg Delhi, government does sanction budgets which are significantly high (but perhaps lower than American cities you talk about). But, due to corruption the roads are of poor quality. Please note, not because of lack of technology or lack or resources or the lack of economic realisation(govt. has already sanctioned money to build a metalled road with a life expectancy of 5 years or 10 years). Instead, what happens is, the road contract goes to the lowest bidder (I consider this as a flawed practice). Then, the contractor who is dishonest (who calculated his lower cost by factoring corruption (+) and using lower quality materials (-) and laying the road on an area lower than promised (-).
    Hence, the result is that the road which had to be 10ft long, was just 9.5 ft or 9ft and was made of lower quality material. In lieu of this, some officials were bribed and public had to suffer.
    This takes place due to 1. Flawed Practices (awarding to the lowest bidder) 2. Lack of Accountability and action.

    Now, if I talk about Delhi, the sanctioned cost is higher than say a city Gwalior. In delhi, the expected life expectancy is 10 yrs, but it breaks down in 8.5 years. Contrary to this, in Gwalior, the expected life expectancy is 3 years and it breaks down in 6 months mainly due to the same reasons.

    Another example of this flawed practice of giving to the lowest bidder is DDA housing. They award contracts for architecture to people who hand out really poor designs because the cost of their drawing those designs is ‘less’ which they factored in while applying for the contract.
    This leads to lowering of the cost of the flat but people who are paying for the flat would more than agree to pay more for a house having a better architectural design due to other reasons having long term impact. They have to stay in the house for years etc.
    This does not involve corruption neither does it involve the economic realisation theory. Even those people who don’t want to pay the extra cost
    (as you may point out), end up spending extra on in house construction/renovation to correct those designing errors.

  44. April 18, 2011 at 10:05 am

    @Venkat : You are either ashamed or not willing to accept the fact or you have not traveled enough.

    @Frank : Yes, I agree , they are dirty everywhere.

    Indian restaurant, of course exception are there. but mojority of them here in LA (or any other cities around the world) are FILTHY. It’s because of the way the owner operates, cleanliness and good organisation is not always the first priority of indian operation. Same case goes with the Indian convenience store, i find chinese stores dirty too but much cleaner than indians. So it’s not Indians being dirty at home, it’t the way they live and think/care. Looks at mumbai, eg of any film stars, their house will be awesome from inside but one step outside , it’s gonna be filth and it’s everywhere in india. What i feel bad about indians is that they tend to care only and only for themself and consider the public cleanliness as nothing related to them. Even the educated ones will be seen littering everywhere. it’s just the sense of ownership not being there and the govt has a long long long way to go to even start putting some thoughts about it , i wonder why indians keep shouting super power super power , when nothing is in place in country . i feel bad seeing the horrible traffic with wild self defined rules, people spitting and shitting on the road side, people hesitating to be on queue, talking loudly disturbing other in public , pushing for an elevator, robbing different looking faces and and the list goes on , i myself must be doing the same , but staying in US for 15 years and coming back , i see all these things and felt disheartening. Really love the see these things improving , but from what i see , there is no way indians will be able to learn all these at this existing system. My thought, a very well defined rule with really realy HARSH punishment (of course corruption is there to pass thes too XD) Any thoughts guys

  45. April 18, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Completely agree John, That’s the point i was trying to make

    ” Indians think in a short-sighted narrow-minded way — can it benefit me, my children, and my son-in-law? Every one else go to hell.” a plus point related to this about indians is that they will think about their children untill they grow up , support for education , help financially in setting up whatever business etc .. yeah this is a good point about indians but yeah i hate thinking Everyone to hell except my family is BAD , and it is true

  46. Avinash
    April 19, 2011 at 4:51 am

    Good article.
    Population is a more dangerous epidemic than Aids or Global warming in India atleast. It is the root of all that is horribly wrong in our country…imo.
    Doesnt it ever occur to humans that our suffering should end with us…that we can live a life feeding & expanding our mind than contributing to the world population, i think it does, but then the genes takeover. :D
    Doesnt being overcrowded automatically trigger a sense of cut-throat competetion or atleast feed it?

    On a un-related note : Isnt it sad that a culture which created Gods based on nature and wild life and has a rich legacy of exemplary hospitality & charity…now blindly apes the worst characters of the west, fundamentally allowing itself to become the very opposite?

  47. Jen
    May 7, 2011 at 6:37 am

    You said that American businesses can “afford” to follow the rules. Now the indians are bringing their corruption and filth to America. They have the money to buy pretty much every convenience store around so why can’t they “afford” to also follow the American laws? I’ve seen extreme examples of their filth and anyone who has ever had a dispute about a price at one of their stores knows that in their eyes “the customer is never right” and sometimes they even have the gall to say that they don’t own the store (eventhough every family member they have happens to work there). The owner must really like that family. I’ve asked a lot of people why they keep buying businesses around here an no one knows. I really want to know! I read somewhere that when they buy the businesses they usually have a lot of investors, would those investors be the taliban?

  48. Marika Coon
    May 7, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Indians can’t write in English with proper grammar. They all think they are so intelligent but they are really stupid. They don’t care who they cheat because like the Arabs, live means little to them They don’t care if they kill another human being. They are selfish dirty pigs and that will never change. Their clothes are dirty, their hair is dirty and they smell like the food they cook. I won’t even talk to a person from India or even buy their products. Their bakery is stale, their food is way past the expiration date and they are just plain weird. They say one thing and a half an hour later they say just the opposite. I wouldn’t trust a person from India if they swore on their mother’s grave. They are dirty pigs and they know it. Don’t ever stay in one of their hotels. The sheets are torn and the office personnel are rude. They hate us Americans and they say they want to take over the USA but they better straighten out their thinking first. I hate people from India. They should be blown off the earth.

  49. Jasinka
    May 9, 2011 at 8:29 am

    –> Corruption: Is a biggest problem that is eating up India from within. As said before that India is not a poor country, but its projected poor.

    India got its freedom on 15th August 1947 from 200 years of British rule but was that an actual one ? The answer is “NO”, that’s because India still is under heavy slavery practiced by the politicians by practicing heavy corruption on the people of India.
    Source: http://whysoindian.blogspot.com/2011/05/corruption-in-india.html

  50. Realist
    May 23, 2011 at 5:15 am

    Iv lived in India for all my life and never want to go back ever , people say India shining but no one is bothered when any one spits on the road or breaks a signal they say aussies r racists but I seen the bigest racism in india, caset system , people sriving cars on worng sides of the roads etc etc , nothin will ever change there am happy in Sydney now

  51. Realist
    May 23, 2011 at 5:17 am

    @ Mahen totally agree with you and sad thing is if you point out these flaws , our fellow indians will c call u a paki and ant9i national , nutin will ever change

  52. June 4, 2011 at 6:58 am

    I was trying to write something today and it is my habit to read through the news and articles relating to what I am gonna write.. kind of a little research and I came across this article of yours.
    A humble and sincere request please make the title as “Why are Indians so dirty and corrupt?”, the simple reason being INDIA is a nation, our motherland and it is not dirty and corrupt, unfortunately the sons of this soil are dirty and corrupt. I’m pretty sure you mean the same as I read what you wrote with full intent. There is a fire inside you, keep it alive.

    Vande Matram!

  53. Janya
    June 6, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    In response to your utter ignorance of the intelligence of people from India, specifically referring to your comment about Indians not being able to write English, I would first like to point out that you are grossly generalizing and extrapolating your anger at some particular Indian hotel owner(s) to all Indians. A person from India may be a Punjabi, a Gujarati, a Marathi or from another cultural type. Each cultural type has their strengths and failings, just like the people in the USA, Britain or other countries. Some of us come from cultured families while others do not, just like Americans. Some are greedy and corrupt, others are not. You can go to parts of the United States and meet the scum of the earth as well. In order to illustrate my point, I relate this event: I was once traveling through South Carolina with my 7 year old. I stopped at a gas station. Just as I was making my payment, with a ten dollar bill held lightly in my hand, my son distracted me and while I turned my head around to address him, the selfish,dirty, filthy, fat, beef and beer smelling oaf American cashier, maybe he was the owner? (I will not mention his race) quickly pulled the loosely held ten dollar bill from my hand. I assumed he was going to apply it to my purchase, but instead he asked me to give him more money! When I confronted him with the facts, he blatantly denied it and even turned around and asked his co-worker if I even had a ten dollar bill in my hand to begin with! The co-worker was also a corrupt jerk, mind you an American (whose race I will not comment on), not a “person from India”. I have also experienced many more incidents of this and worse nature from Americans. Now, wouldn’t it be prejudicial if I were to generalize this incident to all Americans, as you have done?

    Regarding whats happened to India, you should watch the “Confessions of an economic hit man” on youtube. Maybe you will then understand that India’s beautiful culture, compassion, goodness have been undermined by foreign interests through out the centuries. The rich and the powerful, i.e., the ones who are corrupt,greedy and heartless
    have colluded with foreign investors, bankers and invaders to fleece the ordinary Indian. This is why India is being destroyed. American companies like Monsanto have destroyed the Indian farmers.

    Educate yourself. Not ALL Indians are dirty filthy pigs,some are, just like the rest of humanity.

  54. Joney
    June 14, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Ms. Coon, you need to realize that there are Indians who can and do write in “proper English”. Take for example the author of “The God of Little Things”, Ms. Arundhati Roy. This novel won her the prestigious Booker prize.

    Regarding the hotel issue, you may have a point there. But there must be “just one” hotel owned by an Indian which is clean, don’t you think?

  55. Joney
    June 14, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    I also think that the moderator of this site is biased. Hate speech like Markia Coon’s is apparently okay for publication, however, Indians standing up for themselves or retorting against racist and hatefilled remarks cannot have their views published on this site. Why?

  56. indiannproud
    June 23, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    There is a solution to the cleanliness and corruption. Hire more public servants, pay them exorbitant salaries to “manage” the managers and “consult” the consultants hired by the government. Now raise income tax, VAT, road tax, council tax etc. to a point at which the individual can barely afford 3 meals a day and then impose ridiculous fines for littering. Works in the west and I’m pretty sure it will in India too. The only drawback being our “pretty” country will end up more broke than Greece is right now.
    And yes, of course the title is offensive. How about I write an article on why white women are whores. Even if my research is Nobel quality the approach AND the title both don’t seem very harmless now do they?

  57. Siddhartha
    July 4, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Most of the communities in India (such as Bengali), are succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty’(a theory introduced by an American anthropologist Oscar Lewis), irrespective of cl-ass or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is at all ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-administrative system, weak mother language, continuous absorption of common space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold. Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting of those children those are born out of ignorance, real poverty. All of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty’) in their own life/attitude, involve themselves in ‘Production of Space’ (Henri Lefebvre), at least initiate a movement by heart, decent & dedicated Politics will definitely come up. – Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah-711101.

  58. B
    July 9, 2011 at 8:06 am

    Just a note on the comment on racist Australia: Here’s the Gallup World Poll http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/28/15/47570353.pdf . Australia second for tolerance. India second-to-last.

    And a note on the Taj Mahal comment – the Taj Mahal attracts people to India, who bring money from overseas and feed it into the Indian economy – all Indians, including you, benefit economically to some degree from that. You should care about the Taj Mahal being destroyed by people spitting on it, if only from an economic perspective.

  59. himanshu
    July 12, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Easy to comprehend as it may seem but it was only the heading “elaborated’. Why is India dirty/corrupt? Is it in the people’s blood that we go for unhygenic/unlawful/non taxpayed/cheap commodities? Or is it not as simple as stated? A market trend, probably is not a reason good enough to be blamed for our corrupt state!

  60. DirtyIndian
    July 22, 2011 at 7:19 am

    An odd article. I understand why India is a filthy and dirty country, due to poverty, but remember that having bad hygiene has its one cost in terms of food poisoning, bad health and food adulteration. So it is stupid to try and link cheap (cost effectiveness) to dirtiness. For a retail establishment or eatery to be profitable and low cost, it may cut corners on maintenance so it may look “dirty” but not it should not be unhygienic, which is dangerous for public health.

    Anyway Indians by nature are cost conscious so they trade off cleanness for dirtiness and have become used to it and don’t seem to mind. It is not rational that someone will not want cheap food (everyone even in USA wants cheap food)but to willingly risk ones health to get cheap food is foolish and stupid and has higher long term costs. As incomes go up people will become more willing to spend on better quality items.

    Also making the assumption that government passes so called meaningless “gold plating laws” is absurd. These laws are meant to safe guard public health and the problem lies with the enforcement. Enforcement
    is not there due to corruption.

    The idea that corruption takes place because the said individual wants to make his or her life better and posing that as a justification for corruption is as absurd as the argument in favor of rape.

    Indians are a stupid and dirty people with no sense or taste and almost behave like a bunch of animals released from a cage.

  61. Chris Maurice
    July 30, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    This is fucking one of the stupidest article I’ve read.

  62. Raheel
    August 8, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    its just not india thats corrupt its all countries alike like pakistan, china, srilanka, bangladesh,etc. I think what britain, uk, usa, canada, etc the developed countries need to do is become more strict with people coming to their countries. Immigrants get too many rights and most are violeted example of such are: illegal copies of computer softwares are usually found in indian/pak computer, stealing of cable and dish (no wonder the people who work in major cable companies are usually from these corrupt regions), videogames copy and illegal distribution again indo/pak, china black market. Sadly these people never get caught, while I see alot of citizens who live in these countries like Canada, USA, UK their rights get violated a lot even though they do their best the government doesn’t acknowledge these facts. There is a common thinking among people somehow an immigrant is innocent and right etc, you should see how corrupt they are, the amount of wrongdoings they do hidden and never get caught is why these developed countries will be destroyed because they simply dont see this happening whereas a citizen does something wrong they are highly judged and criticized. I am definitely not saying all citizens are good, but majority are who abide by rules in these developed countries. Just saying, if this attitude continues you will see these developed countries becoming the next pakistan or india with terrorists and people with corrupt behavioral. Last notice, dont go on looks and appearance esp when it comes to the so-called muslim sages, they are the worst people you will ever meet, the amount of ignorance and wrong doings that are done in muslim households is tremendous.

    Also the fact that indians,pakistanis,bangalis,chinese,etc all compalin that britain invaded their countries and took everything from them and britain was the one that was corrupt. I have alot of people complain that britain started this mess themselves with the invasion of india and the rest, etc. My question to the so-called “peacemakers” of india, china, pakistan, and all these people who come and settle to UK, Britain, America, and rest of developed countries, what was the reason that britain overpowered you all? were they the corrupt ones or you? you people never understand to live life in a noble and respectful manner and there is absolutely no shame in you people even today, you continue to follow your corrupt ways even after coming to developed countries like UK and Canada and America all alike, yet you never understand the proper way of living which is why in the first place you are injected and kicked out of your homes. So final word of advice stop blaming the british blame yourselves even today you are just corrupt lazy people who are after money and filling your stomachs upto the necks with your disgusting oil based crap like samosa (sure there is no harm in 1 or 2 but you people eat eat eat and complain about the british, how dare you! you have absolutely no rights and have no standards whatsoever to even live in their countries they are heck alot better than you! the british are wonderful people who teach the correct way of life (not everything is correct but most are) and the concept of love and sharing which is not seen in any countries like india and pakistan or balgadesh all these corrupt countries need to go away under british rule and be taught a lesson to love each other and respect each other. The only things that worry muslim of these regions or any other person who comes from these countries is making more more more and more money and the person who goes out to clean street is degraded to a lower-class by the so-called peacemakers from india,pak,bangladesh,etc. The opposite is true for british countries, hard work is valued no matter what it is as long as it is legal people actually respect you. I really hope britain takes over the world and teaches people a lesson they still have this sense of status stuck in their heads, bloody immigrants.

    and by the way iam a asian chinese man so please dont tell me what i wrote is wrong i live in these households and i know alot of pakistanis,indians,banglahi, etc who live like this ( iam not saying all abut majority meaning 80%). and please dont take this article out of the post let people hear it

  63. arun
    August 15, 2011 at 3:00 am


  64. August 16, 2011 at 2:44 am

    Lack Of IQ:
    India is poor and dirty because Indian people have not gone thru the proper evolutions of their brain. Indians people simply have less IQ. Lower test of hygene, cleaniness. They are not united. They have very short visions. They have a short memory (Invadors/Terrorists kill them and they forget). They have lack of ego, bravery, they have sumissive nature, lack of aggression and dominance. They have poor culture and bullshit customs, lots of religion, Babas etc.. because of the low level of IQ.
    If India’s land become immediatley infertile and water becomes un-drinkanble and shleting becomes tough. We can expect some brain getiing developed. Indians are unfortunate to get very good surviving environment. Indians have never faced tough times with Invadors as Indians never fought with them just becaeme their slaves.
    One of the biggest example is: “Indian think speaking in English as a matter of pride”
    which immediatley shows
    1) Lack of ego
    2) Lack of self respect.
    3) Lack of brain: thinking that roaring will make them lion while they have no jaws, pans, aggression
    4) They do so not because english is International (they are not so clever) but
    a)It’s english who ruled them. If it would be chinese then they would do the same with chinese. if it would be french … so on.
    b) they don’t have brain to Unite. They fight for various regional languages. they are not united.

    Only 5% of indians have minds and tastes of eurpean standard. Mass is Junk.

  65. manish
    August 17, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    A Film Director can makes a Best Film on the Country after Aarakshan and Raajeeti on the Topic of : “CORRUPTION FREE INDIA/BHARAT : A Social-Government Reality Discussion” after freedom to till time.

  66. chowdary B
    August 17, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    guyz..guyz..have u ppl gone mad..!!
    c’mon guyz y waste ur tym in posting comments here..
    rather use ur knowledge in developing our nation..
    ther’s nothing the country’s gonna gain by this talk..

    @RENEGADE DIVISION: u seem to be an intellectual
    i truly admire ur approach in conveying things..
    but do u really feel that this is gonna help anyone in anyway??be true to urself bro/sis..

  67. David Ghosh
    August 18, 2011 at 7:46 am

    Dear Author of article,
    The true fact about India is incredible.I think,you have forgotten to add one more very interesting thing,after British Crown left India in Aug 15th 1947,since the next date,indigenous Indian Gov has prompted a hidden motto,not to allow or give chance to learn and educate the masses of poor Indian.The Gov and 1st PM of India J.L. Neheru was found,if we can keep masses under abject poor,dirty,illiterates,they will vote Congress blindly,it is good indeed,congreass will always in power and loot the poor masses of India most easily and succesfully.The same idelogy is still continuing,99.99% mases in are poor,most of the bellow povert,it is good indeed for political parties to capture vote by telling fake promises.
    It is the main reason,present Gov of India is not at all ready to undertake rules and laws for corruption free India.Their main idea to keep India and her billion masses under poverty and keep the country dirty.

  68. PD
    August 28, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    India is at a crucial cusp in history. The Indian population has been under various kinds of ‘rulers’ for a very long time. Hence even though India has elections , the elected representatives and their insitutitions behave like rulers. The Indian population has been exploited by the ‘new rulers’ long enough. This is the rise of orphans of a half revolution to seek true democracy.
    The people have more than demonstrated their faith in Anna and Government has to recognise the voice of the people.
    Our politicians need to be reminded that they are ‘representing’ us not ruling us. This ‘ruling’ mindset percolates all levels of Government from a cop to the ministers…. India needs to become a true democracy and ensure our representatives behave like representatives.

  69. Raj
    September 8, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Most irrational and vague article I ever read.

    India is filthy because of POPULATION explosion and POVERTY. A good 25(+)% Indians still are under poverty line.
    India is corrupt because of corrupt politician. Corruption spreads from top to bottom.

  70. Raj
    September 8, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    @Raheel, shut up and accept the FACT. Brit looted Indians for hundreds of years. What do you think 250 years of slavery do to people ?

    Unfortunately, Indians have NOT grown out of MENTAL slavery.
    “Also the fact that indians,pakistanis,bangalis,chinese,etc all compalin that britain invaded their countries and took everything from them and britain was the one that was corrupt.”

  71. Raj
    September 8, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    @marika, you should’ve LOST your job to an Indian because laziness and arrogance.

    I see you WHINING and snorting. AHAHHAHA! Read your message and you’ll see who is SOUNDING like PIG. LOL!

  72. September 13, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    All, I think various people arguing with different aspects. But instead of thinking too much complicated people should understand it has a very short and simple reason.

    Peoples’ IQ are developed according to their survival factors and surrounding environments (like germs, attacks from invaders and difficulty of survival)

    If your survival is easy ur brain will not grow much. The reason Indians have one of the least IQ in the world is Indian land is too fertile, has plenty of drinking water and it’s environment is very conducive for survival. India is feeding a billion people and still able to export the Raw material and food.

    That’s the reason brains are not reasonable in fact they are very superstitious and root cause of all of the India’s problems. Indians are not reasonable because they didn’t have to for their survival.

    In a tough env only fittest survive but in India all kind of people survive and mjority of them have very low IQ.

    European have better brain and reasoning they have less no of GODs as they didn’t invent new ones because they became reasonable quiet early as compared to Indian subcontinent.

    It’s a matter of fact that USA, CANADA, Australia and South Africa is developed because European genes and not because of Indians labors or like that any other labors.

    Some Indians are now growing because of the globalization they see compare and chose to live better.

    please read this book and it will give answers of all the conditions of all people all over the world:

    Guns, Germs and Steel by Diamond, Jared.

    No one is responsible to what he is, it’s just environment and surrounding conditions which mold you and make you.

    So what we can do is just pray to GOD to make Indians conditions even more competitive and tough so that IQ, Innovation, Creativity can flourish in India.

    let’s only fittest to survive, let many peoples die but who survive live a better life instead of just counting the years.

    Every democracy gets a deserving government (Aristotle)

    Recent apprise with Anna team shows again the lack of IQ.

    Every democracy gets a deserving government (Aristotle)

    I support and have a soft heart for Anna as well as Ramdev, as their intentions are good and these people can’t be bought by govt, they are not sellable.
    What they want is good for all the India but the major concern remains whether it can be done??

    In my opinion it’s not as it’s very reasonable that a Lion will not stop killing Cows and Bulls if they asks him to do so. But Cows and Bulls if want can be united together and can defeat Lions if they have courage, strategy, IQ. They should identify power of their Horns that they are not for exhibition.

    You can see that buffalos, pack of dogs(despite the small size) choose to fight with wild Cats and they are less attacked and Killed even they kill wild cat some times.

    Why a corrupt govt which is extremely powerful will make a law for anticorruption ?

    I think it’s the time for educated people, salaried people, MNC workers, Students to unite together and give votes to right candidates. In my opinion India is corrupt because of these people only.

    “Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.”
    William E. Simon quotes

    (William E. Simon enjoyed legendary success in American business, public affairs and government.)

    Many people give excuses for “not to vote” that all the standing candidates are corrupt. Then I would suggest to give vote to least corrupt person else most corrupt person will win. But please expect it’ll take at least 3-4 iteration if we try now to get almost completely clean govt
    (means 15-20 years easily, better our responsibility sooner it would be).

    Don’t think that overnight people from mars will come and stand on the election.

    People say we pay taxes and govt should do this and that for us. First of all we don’t pay taxes the taxes are taken from us by law .
    When it comes to responsibility no one wants to take it. Since there is no tax if we don’t vote so people don’t take a pain for standing in a Q and vote.

    I think good people don’t come to politics as they don’t win one of the major reason of that is lack of responsible public.. I met a person he was a good MLA and when I discussed with him he says Public is not with me public don’t want Roads, hospitals, schools and water what they are interested is in one day before 500 rs note/liquor/mobile phone etc. He says public deserves what they are. He did all the Good and lost next election.

    If we give a clear message to all parties that we want a good candidate than certainly they will give tickets to good candidates next time. We will see better faces next time it all depends on our response. Parties are interested in making Govt, winning not in doing patriotism.

    I think most of the us are not patriotic either, and to make a good govt we don’t have to be. I myself want to relocate temporarily to some developed country and so do others.
    (I agree I am not that great patriotic of the level of Bhagat Singh or Subhash Chandra)

    We just have to have a good reasoning. Good roads, electricity, water, safety and less corruption is the thing which is our leisure/benefits and it has nothing to do with the patriotism.

    If we have good reasoning we will have to select good people who can achieve it.

    We will have to do a exercise in each election
    1. who all is standing in the elections.
    2. Their Agendas
    3. Their Qualifications
    4. Their determinations
    5. What was the problems he has given to us when he won last time and what was his achievements to decide him for this time.
    So on..

    It’s for each and every individual’s own interest.

    One of the major issue with people in India is unable to connect issue to root cause, they connect the issue to emotional side, they are more interested in saying words rather than execution.

    The lack of IQ is major concerns. The people are like a programmed machine which can do engineering, medical stuff etc.. but they are as dump as a computer Box.

    We should be more reasonable.

    See where India stand in the IQ level

    India is way behind the Countries like even China and Korea, European people set apart as needless to say they are most practical..


    It’s not to offend or abuse but to see inside, accept it and have deep thinking have longer vision. I think accepting is a first step before fixing it.

    People need to think rather than being emotional.

    I would rather support (personally and financially), Jago re campaign rather than Anna’s team.


    let’s hope Indians to be more reasonable, as it depends on the surrounding conditions and that is something which we don’t have any control on it …so we can just hope :)

  73. lokesh
    September 20, 2011 at 6:22 am

    india is currupt because of arrogance, selfish leaders

  74. September 22, 2011 at 10:02 am

    @PD Says:
    You are expecting the third person to be wise to do his work. Before expecting, as a citizen are u helping in making a right govt??? ask this qs. urself.. Expecting is unreliable stuff and not at all a solution because it’s a theory where we don’t have control upon somthing fictitious. So please control govt rather than expect from. Vote right candidate.
    you can’t get a good salary/promotions by simply saying that I am doing my best and I deserve. There is nothing called deserve. When u say deserve u mean to say someone will give u sthing what u think is worth. It’s what you think think from other person’s point of view as well. In this world things come via some force they don’e come on ur wish.

    You exactly demonstrated and proved that Indian’s have low IQ. It’s we public who make the govt. Political Leaders are Representative of the Public only. If all of us vote wisely there is no chance to get a bad govt. Imagine one of your family member is behaving wrongly and doing bullshit and harming family. What would u do considering the fact you have no option to abandon??? Govt is such a family member if it goes wrong you need to use your power to make it correct rather than complaining, sitting idle and expecting. Vote is the most powerful asset we have, it’s much more powerful than showing ur anger thru marches and rallies.

    I agree that Anna’s rallies do help but it’s a very less effective act. I support his cause but it’s not the best solution.

    The democracy loop works as below:
    (developed countries)

    better public-> better voting-> better leaders -> better system -> better public


    (corrupt countries)

    uneducated/unaware/idiot/poor public-> cunny selfish leaders -> poor system -> corruptions and problems -> public anger and disbelief in system -> no voting from educated, salaried and rich people only voting is done on the basis of short term vision by poor people like liquor, blankket, 500 Rs note, cell phones, gas connnection, caste and other system-> voting to wrong people-> cunny selfish leaders again-> no development -> poor system -> uneducated/unaware/idiot/poor public

    In order to break the worst loop and to move on in better loop educated and aware people need to help in making better govt.

    If you are so angry with the leaders why don’t u jump to the politics?? you won’t because u know it’s a poor system, the salaries are very low for a leader, there are no appreciations, appraisal, and bonuses for better work and the only way to earn money is do corruption and forget morality and ethics.

    A better system will come via better leaders which in turn will come via wise voting.
    India has voting but wise voting is less than 5%.
    We should thank our luck that we got democracy.
    At least this is sthing which can be controlled very easily without paying any cost (just via a simple vote).
    Even the King system can be changed but mostly via violent retaliation.

    See the voting % of USA.

    It’s around 90% in the beginning of the countries independence. USA’s foundation is build during these initial years. Now in USA also people are getting careless for voting and USA will have to pay the cost for it by getting underdeveloped in coming years.

    India never crossed 64% voting and 1/2 of it’s fake. So out of 30%, 27% are purchased votes only 3% are genuine.
    (PS: These are rough calculations don’t go by it it may be one or two % +/-)


    Even though voting % ramin same USA will excel beacuse voters in USA are always more sensible and responsible.
    (Because of highe living standards and IQ most of the citizen are sincere, so any chunck of it will also be sincere)

    So voting % is not the only factor but still a factor. The main factor is low level of IQ.

    Ask ur selves.

    Why cows and bull are killed because thay are not united when they are attacked
    Why pack of dogs surive because they are united when attacked by wild cats and they fight bravely don’t run.
    It’s IQ. It’s a world where not everyone is same. Since there are devloped civilization because there exists poor civilization.

    Also it’s different matter what’s right and wrong.

    A pig will never admit that it lives dirty and poor as it’s way of life. NO one can explain him as it’s his taste and IQ.

    But defenitley a wrong person exists beacuse other people bare him.

  75. sriraam
    September 26, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    @Mr.Reasonable : that is a very different way of looking at it.. Indians may have low IQ on average.. (the study appears to be outdated from whatever little info i could get). Indians do not have low IQ because it is easy to survive. IQ is not something that is constant. It grows as you get educated , solve problems(logical) and exercise your brain. It is very possible for your IQ to increase if you train your brain to think in certain ways.
    People in the rural areas cannot afford to waste time on all these. they spend too much time surviving that they actually dont increase their IQ.Richer people might have higher IQ, esp the second generation rich people.
    From practical experience i have noticed that rural IQ is lesser than urban IQ.(they may have better survival skills though). Same would go for all the software engineers who just “code”. do you think they would not work hard on research if someone paid them to do it? simply put, too much effort into survival means less time for rest of the things.

  76. September 30, 2011 at 6:38 am

    @sriraam Says:

    Hey man I agree with you.. that IQ does developed over the time when u do the brain exercises. This is what Darvin says and this is what caused monkeys to develop into humans. Since all monkeys couldn’t developed in to human, all human didn’t evolve to rational mindset of same level. It all depneds on their surviving pattern. As I said earlier also, nobody is responsible for it’s state e.g. a pig has no fault that he is a pig. But if a pig says he is pig because his leader is not GOOD and corrupt then offcoursse he is unaware of real truth. Do u think pigs are dirty because they have bad leaders or u say Cats keep themselves clean is because they have low corruption. I don’t think so. It’s a plain truth the taste u live, it’s the midset u live.

    When there was no technology Britishes used to live fashionable, professional (for their look and feel), they had stone made beautiful houses and a very efficient systems. They had flowers, neat and clean roads made of normal stones and earth. Their living standard was high despite the lack of technology and money.

    Living better is not dependent on technology and money or population. It’s related to ur taste and what is actually a part of bigger term called IQ.

    I agree IQ of Indians is increasing. This is exactly the reason India is improving. Now less people want to settle abroad as they see opportunity here. The main reason of the recent IQ growth in India is thanks to “Globalization,Shrinking resources,bursting population, media and all.”

    I would say Globalization is the biggest factor. Because when u see many things, u think and chose a better one after comparing them. If we don’t see how other people are living, we be happy with our existence and don’t develop.

    The point which I raised is the reason India is corrupt and dirty is not because of the laeders but beacsue of public itlsef.
    The Engineers and Doctors have some kind of programmed mind sets which come via going to colleges, they know how to do an operation and write if-eles-for loop. Not necessarily they have better IQ. If an IT engineer says that only Leaders are responsible for the corruption, I won’t vote it’s not affecting the govt system, then he at the very first place is as dumb as an computer box which knows only things which it is programmed for. He is not self driven. and off course he doesn’t have a good IQ and above all of it, remember all people are not doctors and enginners. only less than 0.4% people.

    The people who have better IQ they dig into the root cause of the problem and fix it from the root not from the leaves.

    Accepting is the first point before fixing it. Indians have problem in finding the root cause itself.

    What u r confusing with the IQ and survival relationship in today context. I was talking about the last thousands of years Indian people have gone thru. Today u have many ways to survive.

    1. you can keep Cows and sell milk to paultry farms and from the money purchase a computer which is made in China.
    2. Do farming which is a global market now.
    3. Do eng/medical which is a global market.
    4. Outsourcing again global market.
    5. media
    .. so on
    there are infinite jobs even to kill some one there is a job though in a govt systen it’s called crime. :)

    I was talking beginning years of human civilization. Indians have the same ancestors as europeans have.
    Dravidian settled in India before Aryan and other white races came to India.
    (P.S. No land belongs to anyone who owns it now is the real owner :) )

    This is the reason even u will see a cultural/taste/IQ difference b/w north Indians and south Indias.
    Now all (100%) people in India are mixed the only diff is some are more Dravidian and less (Arayn+ other white) and vice a verse.

    It’s only the survival factor which makes a difference.
    Ur IQ base ( time when u r born ) is what ur ancestral genes tree is.

    (Remember two siblings can have different gene tree as they can get different genes different from their mother and father. Because when it come to inheritance from u not only carry ur own genes but also of your ancestors. Chances which genes ur children will get is random. Chances for ur baby to get ur genes is most likely but she/he can also get the genes of ur father and mother and their fathers and mothers so on on moving into infinite chain. Higher the level, less likely to get that gene. That’s the reason it’s very less likely to get a baby with a tail even though it’s in ancestral gene)

    Then you start in this world with that base and it get change + or – according to the environmental forces on you ..(e.g. ur parents/street/gal friend/friends/teacher/weather/germs/college etc.. every small and big thing u can think of which is affecting you)

    so the function goes like this

    1) f(genes)=g(base genes)+h(environment)
    2) f(genes)=j(ur response to environment)+g(base genes)

    combining 1st and 2nd

    j(ur response)=k(base genes)+h(environment)

    So genes itself is in a loop (depeneds on it’s prvious state). Environment which in turn cause you to respond to it is the only factor which can change your base gene.

    Environment has far less impact on the base genes in one generation. But in several generations down the line it can cause a huge change. Even it can change upto a level that become evolutions and one species can change into another species. And then cross breeding is not allowed:)

    You can see a poor higher caste person in India can perform better than a poor lower caste person in same circumstances solely because he has better genes.

    You can see your selves in India, Pandits have better memory to mug up things as they are practicing it for years but they don’t have very good IQ so still they live petty lives. This is regarding to the highest caste in India. Thakurs on the other hand are more brave and aggressive but lacks reasoning and politics .. same way u can explain the behaviors of all.

    I can’t guarantee on whether it was the genes to divide the people first on various caste like this or people were randomly divided first and then their genes developed according to their acts like these.

    But it’s true that various casts in India do have genetic difference though small. So I personally don’t see any difference b/w racism and cast-ism.

    See the genetic diff b/w a chinese dog and german shepheard. it’s tooo huge..

    Same goes with Human. Their is a difference and difference can be minimized with hard work and not via merley complaining.

    Have u ever thought why Europeans are so beautiful, smart, tall and muscular. It has come via their life style, hardwork and which has in turn come via long struggle for survival of their ancestors in past.

    Beauty is nothing but reflection of ur mind (some divide it into several parts like personality/emotional intelligence/social intelligence/courage/bravery/rational mideset etc.. I say one word for it that is IQ) on ur body. If some one is bitch, it’ll appear in his/her face. If some one is lazy it’ll appear in his skin/height/bones/muslcles. so on…

    Same People of european genes in USA are becoming fat up to the extent that it has been now wired into their genes.

    Indians are lazy and naive and reflected by their filthy and ugly bodies and face cuts.
    (I observed less than 1% Indians have beautiful bodies. Some places it’s GOOD like Kashmir/North-east/Tibbat/HP/UK/Punjaab/Haryana and some places it’s slightly better e.g. RAJ/Gujrat/Maharshatra/UP/MP/BIHAR other places it’s rare).

    Keeping in mind people are not ugly because of their skin color but because of lack of good personality. (equivalent to saying good genes or good body+mind. Skin quality/bones/muscles do define beauty as it’s a either a physical quality to fight with germs (skin)or to show strongness/activeness (bones and muscles). A good nature will always enhance ones beauty which affects ones facial structure. It’s another matter of fact blacks are mostly ugly and whites are mostly beautiful and mixed are 50% beautiful. But there do exist black people who are sexy and beautiful e.g. Halle berry being black is hot :) which proves people are not ugly because of skin color).

    Because Indians lack smartness they are not united, always invaded/looted. I am saying a fact it may be criticizing for some one. Truth remain same.

    I know my statement can’t change India unless I and U act together. But here I only want to reveal the truth.

  77. Raj
    October 17, 2011 at 7:31 am

    Your article doesn’t make much sense, as you are converging everything to cost of living… In the end, it is the government fault. We pay so much tax so that we can have public utilities ! Why else would we pay taxes !
    Govt. can hire cleaning people. And most important these cleaning people should work. I have seen so many brahmins who get the government job of cleaning because they can’t get job anywhere else in tight market BUT they don’t do the cleaning , they are ashamed to do it because they are so called brahmin by birth !

  78. siddhartha
    November 19, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Indian public is mainly arrogant, know everything types. they can spend 5 hours discussing about a girl who is in a live in relationship against the will of her family than trying to learn how he can pay his taxes online. there is a lackness in indulgence towards technology. most of us are blaming type and try to hide our mistakes by blaming government only. we cant ever be like Britain or Canada or any other European countries because we are not as dedicated as them in anything nor most of us have the willingness to go beyond boundaries. i mean we r very much happy about what we hav acheived and start to think that we r very happy luking down people who works or earns less than us. if there is a slight delay in a cafe from the waiter to bring our coffee we complain to manager that your waiter is worthless but we never appreciate if he serve us good. its bad 2 say but really we r i mean most indians r meanminded, complaining and shithead freaks.

  79. November 23, 2011 at 12:55 am

    The view point given in this article essentially points out to the stupidity of certain laws made by the government. From the legal stand point, any one making gains by some means not acceptable by the law comes in the broader ambit of corruption. Hence, a stupid law made/drafted by incompetent politicians/bureaucrats can cause even the normal law abiding citizens corrupt as far as the law is concerned.
    Let me cite an example here. The government makes certain stupid rules every year with regard to income tax exemptions. There is one clause which allows officials to get full income tax rebate for any amounts they receive in a year by way of cash awards for outstanding contributions. Then there exists some powers in the hands of top government functionaries and PSU CEO’s which allow them to sanction grants to certain NGOs, Societies, Professional bodies, etc in the guise of education, research, charity, etc. These two lead to a big nexus where certain top ranking individuals are making huge sums fully legally and not coming in the definition of corruption. The methodology is simple: First the empowered person grant an amount to the NGO (Say Rs 10 Lakhs). In a few month’s time, the NGO/Society organizes a function and declare the concerned official as winner of a cash award of say 3-5 L. Here both the NGO and the official make fully legal money and it is not corruption because the clauses of the concerned laws have been carefully drafted by certain people with ‘far reaching vision’.
    Now consider another example: There are rules made by the same IT department wherein the local travelling expenses (LTE) are exempted from Income Tax, provided the travel is exclusively for the purpose of official duties. Travel from residence to office is categorically excluded and not allowed for exemption. To overcome this difficulty the same governmental employers compel the employees to give a false affidavit every now and then (usually every month) wherein the employee has to certify that he or she has incurred a monthly expenditure of certain amount (usually a very paltry sum of about Rs 1000 pm)for the purpose of official travel, even when the person is holding such a post where he or she cannot move out of his/her seat during duty hours! Here, by virtue of the same stupid rule, lakhs of meagerly paid employees become law breakers and corrupt- to- the- core individuals. The most interesting part of this is that the organization can initiate vigilance procedures agqainst any of the employees they chose whimsically at any time!
    There are hundreds and hundreds of this kind of rules and laws in India. A finer analysis would lead to the conclusion that our laws are not made for a just adminsitration, but are draconian laws made to scare simple citizens. At the same time those who are dare devils, the same law provides enough loop holes! The law then deteriorates to such an extent that it does not safeguard natural justice but whimsical interpretation of individuals the way they like it! This is what we need to look for a change.

  80. David Ghosh
    November 23, 2011 at 8:39 am

    I 100% agree with writer that, India is a dirtiest and filthy contry also higest corrupt than Nigeria.


  81. kevol
    December 7, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    I work with indian people they dont understand youn have to give money to make money they also are rude degrade women and treat others like slaves they need to wake up and try to be kind instead of making everyone uncomfortable with there perverted comments.There just mean and hateful people.

  82. p.sathya prakash
    December 13, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    your article is nothing but defaming and exploiting india.With reference to this sentence “Indian people are just too dirty and they have no regard for cleanliness”, India is so dirty because people prefer to live in that dirty environment than to clean things up and increase the cost of everything around them.
    i would like to say who the hell told india is dirty. Americans use tissue papers in their toilets eventhough water is available. In India people never use tissue paper in toilets,they clean with water. YOu are speaking about cleanliness.waht a great joke.corruption is in america.For a single dollar people fight like dogs. corruption is every where in the world. As long as humans live in this earth corruption do not have end.But do not compare india with any other country in the world. Indians know what they are.

  83. linda
    December 14, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    if you are a american u r sick. u don’t culture may god send to hell 4 abusing

    December 15, 2011 at 7:53 am


  85. sampan chakraborty
    December 25, 2011 at 12:52 am

    apart from bengal or more specifically calcutta the city which had produced best scientist,literary genius,movie maker,philosopher resty of india is complete shit hole.calcutta with two most renowned scientist from entire asia or east-sir jc bose,sn bose,and in four different category as first nobel in asia-and so far with more grammy,oscar,nobel than any other city from asia-but it is been destroyed by filthy migrant from north,middle and south india and the old calcutta really looks like the hell on earth.and apart from calcutta which had produced more luminaries than most of so called first world city(for example your melbourne or sydney)rest of india is really disgusting and they love to hate calcuttan bengali.

  86. Raghu
    January 3, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Utter Bullshit!. this is short sightedness..What about the consequencess of people dying or sick by food poising & lost productivity that alone costs billons?? & what about the millons killed every year due to corrupt Traffic Police?? & what about the lost tourist income because no one wants to visit a shit place?? & what about quality of life living in dirt?? Nothing can replace lost human life ..not even money.PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE AND INDIA MUST BECOME MORE HYGENIC TO PREVENT MILLONS DYING DUE TO TUBERCULOSIS..ETC.THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS.

  87. Smart Indian
    January 20, 2012 at 3:40 am

    We are not stupid. We are the smartest people on earth. You all of you are not smarter than us. I beleive that our religion makes us poor and dirty. We are smart like Satan. Please go visit one of our temples. You will see dog, monkey, elephane or combination of them. They are what we believe. Smart like Satan is us(Indian). We are just too far away from the true God. We are one of the oldest civilization but undeveloped, third world country are always naming us. We invited Kamasutra but we have the world’s biggest Aids population.

  88. Smart Indian
    January 20, 2012 at 3:48 am

    We are nice people so we are dirty. We are the best example for all the parents to educate their children. If your children refuse to maintain good hygiene, show them how dirty are the indian. Malaria and aids are all the indian got. If you don’t keep good hygiene, you desire to be infected by malaria and aids.

  89. sebastien
    January 28, 2012 at 8:56 am

    Why is India so dirty and corrupt?it’s very clear. because system is very old. i think ,india want to be change Political system. india corrupation is never end never stop.because this Political system is alive. so, all indian peoples need for kill this Political system. india need only one leader . not alot of parties. not alot of corrupted Political leaders.upa,bjp,jdu,rjd,………….parties. i think ,it’s all parties are like companys. there for
    india need a President government country. no need pm,cm, mla,………corrupted government. the same of usa. i like usa political system. only one leader. please ,try to cahnge this system. you can see the day, indai is anti-corruption country. very clean country. i hope so…….

  90. Paullmas
    January 29, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    What is missing is the point that a group of elites (bureaucrats) believe they have the authority to tell others (slave/citizen) how to live and force this upon them by threat of violence. If there was no force, no bribery would be needed. If there was no presumption of authority, there would be no law. When Indians are eduction on the need for law, this system can change. The reason for law is to promote liberty, freedom, and voluntary contracts, and association. This will be difficult since India has yet to throw off its caste system.
    The individual decides what value to place upon food poising voluntarily when he purchases it from vendor. There is no force or coercion. How much cleanliness required is voluntary decided by the two independent consumer and provider. If one wants Turkish cleanliness, one pays a bit more, American, even more, Japanese far more, VOLUNTARILY.

  91. June 23, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Has anyone seen dirty places in Europe too where they also feel comfortable living in messy environment where rats crawl around your feet in cinemas and mice in restaurants in the main cities like Frankfurt, London or Amsterdam. People do not wash their hands , beggars everwhere ….I have : So times are changing.

  92. jack
    July 4, 2012 at 3:18 am

    The author’s knowledge seemed to be limited to high school standard or simply 10th class. In a democratic country, it’s the people who make the rule, not the Government. If so and so are the cases in India, it would be highly practical to any other democratic country in the world, not to say only of USA.

  93. Loser
    August 1, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    This place seems to be filled with a bunch of losers. Every one of them. One fool says IQ causes corruption, another says multiple party, another says evolution and darwin and survival, one says government… what is wrong with you people. One glorifies europe and another US and they them selves say Indians suffer from ego issues. Have any of you wondered why so many people from the rest of the world come to India to find peace. Art of living or Rishikesh or Iskcon or Thiruvanamalai. Grow up. Corruption is a part of free market democracy. GREED is the DRIVING force of this society, EVERY SOCIETY in this world is CORRUPT. If you are not greedy the free market FALLS. Have any of you wondered where does money come from. Money is a concept of the mind. It does not exist in reality. EVERY ONE of you who are in this pursuit of money is a SLAVE. This is the biggest fraud in human history. Once upon a time money was an actual mineral which was limited and hence could be accounted for. Today money is a NUMBER that can be made out of THIN AIR. The whole system is a way of making you a SLAVE. There are a hand full of people in this world who create money. And they are just using you to get work done cos it gives them power. It GIVES them satisfaction. Every one of you losers do what you do because it makes you happy and content (me included). And this system has made you think that pursuing money is supposed to make you HAPPY and hence you spend your entire life in a RAT RACE behind money, actually in search of HAPPINESS, and by the time you know you are OLD and then you wonder… DAMN WAS I EVER HAPPY IN MY LIFE… WAKE Up!!! INDIA is the ONLY country in THIS WORLD which has UNDERSTOOD THIS. That is why the essence of our culture is MOKSHA or LIBERATION. The only country to realize this TRUTH. Question yourself WHY DO U DO WHAT YOU DO. YOU finally end up with “because it WILL make me HAPPY”. EVERY PERSON in this world does what he does to be happy. That being said, WHY DO YOU THINK MILLIONS of people in the US and EUROPE are in search of THIS VERY THING. MILLIONS Follow ISKCON or AOL or SOME other SAGE though they were brought up differently…. NO Other fuckin country has UNDERSTOOD the human mind like INDIA… READ the UPANISHADS… IF you TRUELY UNDERSTAND IT… you will know why this RELIGION HAS SURVIVED FOR so many years!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS A CREATION OF THE MIND…. if you look inside… you will realize HAPPINESS NEVER EXISTED OUT THERE!!!! YOU CAN LIVE IN THE DIRTIEST OF PLACES AND BE HAPPY OR CLEANEST OF PLACES AND BE DEPRESSED…. COS ITS IN YOUR HEAD… THIS IS THE ONLY COUNTRY TO REALIZE THIS TRUTH… SATCHITANANDA

  94. Indian
    August 2, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Hi americans you r totally wrong,
    First of all think the time u required for
    The development of your country,
    And india got freedom in 1947,
    an america oh columbia

  95. ajayendra shrivastava
    August 24, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    Sir! I dont know why is india corrupt but our(netao) is corrupt.

  96. jack
    August 30, 2012 at 4:02 am

    The author’s knowledge seemed to be limited to high school standard or simply 10th class. In a democratic country, it’s the people who make the rule, not the Government. If so and so are the cases in India, it would be highly practical to any other democratic country in the world, not to say only of USA.The author’s knowledge seemed to be limited to high school standard or simply 10th class. In a democratic country, it’s the people who make the rule, not the Government. If so and so are the cases in India, it would be highly practical to any other democratic country in the world, not to say only of USA.The author’s knowledge seemed to be limited to high school standard or simply 10th class. In a democratic country, it’s the people who make the rule, not the Government. If so and so are the cases in India, it would be highly practical to any other democratic country in the world, not to say only of USA.The author’s knowledge seemed to be limited to high school standard or simply 10th class. In a democratic country, it’s the people who make the rule, not the Government. If so and so are the cases in India, it would be highly practical to any other democratic country in the world, not to say only of USA.The author’s knowledge seemed to be limited to high school standard or simply 10th class. In a democratic country, it’s the people who make the rule, not the Government. If so and so are the cases in India, it would be highly practical to any other democratic country in the world, not to say only of USA.

  97. Amandeep Singh
    September 25, 2012 at 8:01 am

    I am wondering if uncleanliness can be justified by this. Though it somehow justifies corruption

  98. Donald
    October 2, 2012 at 8:37 am

    The author of this article is a dimwit. “Indians not dirty”???? You have to be kidding me. Even if Indians bath every hour and keep their surroundings clean as the Buckingham palace, still will be dirty because of their brown dirty looking skin color. It’s that simple. Indians are ugly and dirty people. They are one of the most ugliest people in the world. Ugly people are filthy and are of low IQ. That is proved by the average IQ of India, which is just 81. So, it’s obvious it’s genes and nothing else. Go to a poor European country like Ukraine. If you compare economic indicators, India is much better than Ukraine. But if you go to Ukraine, you will see that it is a very clean country. It is just like Germany. If you go to Ukraine, it will be like you are in Germany. There is no difference. While India with better economic indicators is a toilet. It’s genes folks. Nothing but genes.

  99. Ratul
    October 21, 2012 at 6:11 am

    Guys India can never ever change. Indians have blood that is full of corruption and cheating. Indians were slaves for so many years and it was because they wanted to be. They were not even honest with their own people(Indians). In India everything has a value except “LIFE”.

  100. sandeep
    October 22, 2012 at 11:51 am

    In India people have a high level of tolerance of which a few bunch of people take advantage and misuse the Law to fill their pockets.If the same situation would have been there at present in the West,people would have come on streets with Guns and similiar weapons and started causing a tremendous amount of destruction to give a fitting reply.

  101. Kandeeban A
    November 4, 2012 at 5:18 am

    This is just the stupidest article i have ever read, assuming it was written with a serious bent of mind. Its just another example of putting the cart before the horse, something which indians do all the time, given their (our) retarded brains.

    – If government passes stupid rules, it is because it favors a certain set of people. So the starting point of this article is that Indian govt is worser than govts in Europe. Lets dwell on this. Our rulers did not come from hell. They came from the same genetic material as you and me. Which implies all of us have the line of thinking. So, your argument of absolving the responsibility of the ppl here holds no water

    - If stupid laws are indeed passed, and are not supported by some lobby , and those can indeed cause such massive impact, there are enough ppl in society that can protest them. There are so many channels and avenues.

    - Indians are dirty because, we neither discovered bacteria and viruses , nor do we understand them.

    This is the politest reply i can provide in response to such a non-sensical article…

  102. s
    November 6, 2012 at 12:00 am

    I believe that all of you guys have perspectives based on your experience. If you are from a democratic country like USA, australia, europe etc you will believe that it is the people who dictate the government and that if indians in this case change their perspective they will have a better way of living. If you are from india you most likly know that india is quite corrupt and is dirty in the sense of the streets and such and not the peoples minds. I BELIEVE THAT NO ONE IS DIRTY and hope that you do so too. It is the experience that makes us “dirty” if must say. Right now Indians simply dont care about the public property as they have become vary individualistic to almost that of the industrial revolution (i may most certainly be wrong too so please be resonable and kind when replying though i complitely agree with the fact that indians are individualistic). You may argue that public property is the property of public thus ours and so it is our responsiblity to have it clean. I agree with the arguement but in indias case it is quite different it’s citizens believes (at least the people who spit and urinate) that it doesnt effect them as they are uneducated about such things and most people dont even take responsiblity for the actions they caused. I will most certainly argue if you said that indians are bunch of fools and that the whole of india itself is corrupt and dirt. I will argue that most people in india want something in return for the high taxes they pay. You will argue that this tax will return though jobs and such but indians have become these “money addicts” as i would like to call them. They consider even penney to be more valuable than gold, they want things for free without have to pay for it this is where corruption kicks in. IF you know are not sure you will pass on the lisense exam for automoblie than you pay brible to get the work done faster and a lot more cost efficient but this also effects the poor as they are unable to pay the bribles and even if they did pass the exam legally the officers have become “money addicts” and so expect bribles thus leading to more corruption, sucide, crimes and many more things as they want to take the easy way around. (ofcourse everyperson is different and not every one is a “money addicts” but most people i know and have seen are)in indians have become ignorent to these arguments but they are gaining self awareness and it may as well take many years before most people are aware of their ignorence but it will happend and so all we can do try to make it better and wait for change to occur.

    NOTE: I am being somewhat biased and these facts are soly based on personal experience.

    as for what the author is saying i believe that he is saying that no matter what market it is black or free or whatever it is not the market that is wrong. I mean how can a market even be wrong. but the market itself leads to many problems like with the black market such as moral problems, economic problems and such. So dont say since its a black market its wrong. There are some countries who have really bad market and thus they mostly rely on the black market to get the goods that they need so that they dont starve to death afterall when death is invovled most things that seems right will flip upside down such killing a person becomes justified if and only if you are defending yourself. So please dont say such things like india is dirty or africa is dirty because it has civil wars all over the place, it the ignorance and menipulation that is wrong and ofcause being too attached to money that fail to realise what is right and wrong is also wrong.

    Wow that was long. Hope you enjoyed my perspective, i usually never post on a blog or a website but i just wanted to state my perspective on this as there were a lot of radical thinkers who are not trying to understand what he is trying to say and trying to argue your way though. Please be considering of every opinion there is in the world. Thinks and am hoping for a kind response

  103. P
    November 9, 2012 at 7:42 am

    “In richer societies like America people can afford to follow all the stupid rules and regulations and still pay the higher food costs, but expecting those kinds of standards in India would be really stupid.”

    So the question would then have to be why are indians so poor? Why is authoritarian China doing so much better than democratic India? Why does the government not seem to be doing anything to improve the lives of the poor majority in the country? Why is such a large percentage of the population living in poverty? Most importantly, why are the politicians so corrupted? Why are these people still being elected into office?

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