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Pakistan is suffering the natural disaster of flood and heavy rains. Naturally one will feel to help Pakistanis in this tumultuous period of difficulties. Innocent women, children and elder people will be the first to suffer from the aftermath of the flood. They will face the dangers of various ills and diseases that will arise as a result of the receding flood waters. Those poor people already have lost their adobe. Most of their farmlands and huts have been washed out. There’s nothing left for their food. And this is the period of Ramjan.

Who will not like to provide some monetary aid for those poor Pakistanis?

Obviously, if some such Pakistani who is suffering extreme poverty and distress due to heavy floods comes out to your door and knocks at it to demand some humanly help in form of money, you will find yourself ready to help the Pakistani, to respect his needs in this period of natural disaster and will give him at least Rs5.

If a group of 1000 individuals from various private NGO’s working for helping those Pakistanis visits 100 Indian cities, connects with 10 Lakh Indian families and household and each family provides them Rs10 as a humanitarian help, the group will collect at least Rs 100 Lakh or Rs10 million. Some of the households may provide them higher amount of money as aid and at an estimate, it would not be too difficult for them to collect Rs 50 million (that is USD 5 million).

Will you be ready to help those Pakistanis?

Some will say that it would be wrong to help those Pakistanis. Most of them consider India as an enemy state. They facilitate terrorism in Kashmir and other parts of India. They were those who planned and attacked Indian cities regularly and killed people. Thousands of Indians have been killed due to Pakistan instigated terrorism, violence and mass murdering.
In Mumbai alone, people killed in terrorist attacks during the last ten years were
• 6 December 2002 – Bomb goes off in a bus in Ghatkopar killing 2
• 27 January 2003 – Bomb goes off on a bicycle in Vile Parle killing 1
• 14 March 2003 – Bomb goes off in a train in Mulund killing 10
• 28 July 2003 – Bomb goes off in a bus in Ghatkopar killing 4
• 25 August 2003 – Two Bombs go off in cars near the Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazaar killing 50
• 11 July 2006 – Series of seven bombs go off in trains killing 209
• 26 November 2008 to 29 November 2008 – Coordinated series of attacks killing at least 172.

Many of Indian families may deny giving money for Pakistanis even in such scenario of natural disaster in Pakistan only because how could they say that the group of people coming to their home and demanding money for helping the poor Pakistanis will actually help the Pakistanis and will not use that money to instigate further violence and terrorism on India?

How will you be so sure that the same amount of money you are paying to help the poor kids suffering in flood ridden Pakistan will be used actually to help those kids and not for fulfilling the pockets of violence lovers and terrorists?
You may not be so sure, and yes, it is true that you may be fooled by any such organization that will use the money given by you against your nation or fellow men. May be your money will reach again in a terrorist squad and will help them to kill further people.
Yet, you will have a chance to check the premises of the person asking for direct money with your consent. You will be able to see his/her truthfulness in his/her eyes. You will be able to have a choice either to give him money or to decline. Most probably, you will not fail to recognize the truthfulness and validity of the person asking you money directly for helping the poor kids suffering in flood waters in Pakistan.

At present, you are forced to pay money for Pakistan as an aid or flood relief. You are forced and nobody will even feel it necessary to ask or inform you about the money you are paying as an aid to Pakistan. Indian Government has already promised money for Pakistan government as an aid of $ 5 million to help the poor suffering from Pakistan1 It is your money that has been offered by the Indian government to the government of Pakistan. First of all, Indian government has no valid right to use your money without your consent to pay for any aid to any other body or government irrespective of the receiving country is Pakistan or India itself. It is your money and you should have a right to have a say on it to how to spend it and what for. It is true that government was chosen democratically and in democracy majority rules and minority obeys. Yet, there was no democratic voting for the issue of whether to pay aid for Pakistan or not to pay any aid. The Decision of so-called democratic government’s aid to Pakistani government is surely a tyrannical one and it is not democratic in any respect. If a voting is done to achieve a democratic decision over the issue, most probably No aid will be provided to Pakistan government, although people may democratically agree for a channel of direct help for the people suffering in Pakistan without involving any government including Indian government or Pakistani government.

What is wrong in involving Indian or Pakistani government in this humanitarian cause?

We cannot say how logically and honestly Indian government will pay the aid to Pakistan. It is not Indian government’s money, government does not create any wealth, government is parasite, we earn and government sucks our earning to exist. It is simply embezzling money earned and created by us. We do not know how the Indian government will tackle the issue of compensating the loss of this money that has been promised to be provided for Pakistani government. How much inflation will we suffer due to this aid of USD 5 million? We do not know. How much national debt we will have to cover off? We do not know. Every Indian citizen is already under the pressure of national debt, we suffer governmental fiscal deficit every year and yet, instead of managing their own monetary problems, Indian government is engaged in distributing alimonies and gifts and aids. We do not know how many corrupt figures it will add to the fiscal deficit of this year while the Indian politicians will fill up their bank accounts in Switzerland banks. Thus, this aid by Indian government to Pakistani government is a big loss for Indian citizen who is forced to pay this aid. It surely will not be an issue of Rs5 or Rs10 for every Indian family. It will reach too high because of the corruption of Indian government.

Issue of Pakistan government is much more dangerous and serious.

We think that it would be difficult to assess the true nature and honesty of a NGO member coming directly to your home and demanding humanitarian aid for Pakistani people suffering in floods. They may provide that money to terrorists. Yet, you have a choice to assess their nature. You are not such a fool who will give their money to any fraudulent person.
Pakistan government on the other hand, is surely fraudulent. There is a record of Pakistani government to use the money given to it by international societies in other works including terroristic and warfare acts. The money given to Pakistani government for earthquake relief a few years ago was never used to provide relief for the poor people of Pakistan who suffered the aftermath of earthquake. The Pakistani government is a crook for sure and the government associations are too much corrupt. Not even Pakistanis can trust on ISI. Those were Pakistani citizens who were against Pakistani government during the issue of sacking of Justice Chowdhary. There are 100 percent chances that the money given to the Pakistani government for helping poor suffering in floods will never actually reach the poor people. First of all Pakistani government is corrupt, then the government includes a lot of red taping, the Pakistani officials are corrupt, police and army is corrupt. Why will they provide any money to the poor kid or woman or elder person suffering and dying in floods? Why will not they grab that money and put it in their own pockets? Or they may use it for enriching their collection of arsenals and weapons of mass destruction.

Overall, you are forcibly made to pay USD 5 millions for a wrong cause. Better would have been a way to help those Pakistanis directly through the help of some NGOs, at least you could have got a chance to provide money to an honest group and to avoid giving money to a dishonest one. At present, you were forced to give your money first to dishonest Indian government and then your money was given to another dishonest government, the government of Pakistan. It is a two way loot of Indian citizens.

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9 comments for “Aid to Pakistan

  1. samay
    September 21, 2010 at 9:40 am

    few observations… firstly in democracy masses vote for decision makers and not individual decisions. In which case democracy will become simply in-executable.

    secondly, as you have brought out $5 mill is peanuts.Its just a token gesture with no valid significance except diplomacy. Pakistan may divert every penny they receive as part of various aids into arms acquisition and militancy. Our aid is again peanuts as compared to the quantum of aids they are receiving from various quarters. Its significance is more so on diplomatic front. Diplomatically the reward of such an aid far exceeds any shortfalls.

    New world order that you envisage may have no room for diplomacy, but in the current one, it is the biggest consideration. Please examine the issue from diplomatic perspective also.Diplomacy again is not free of mistakes, you may bring out fallacy of such a diplomacy in your succeeding posts.

    • Unpretentious Diva
      September 23, 2010 at 5:50 am

      Lol, peanuts?

      How much do you earn Samay? who provide you your salary? government? through the looted money via compulsory taxation?

      Go and get some real work and you will realize that a man after whole day’s hard work seldom gets Rs70-rs100, and from that little money if he is required to provide Rs 5 only for your peanuts of $5 million, he will not simply resign, he will revolt.

      Secondly, democracy is crap if it cannot give importance to individual choice, although I appreciate the fact that you accepted that democracy is Tyrannical rule of majority over minority, it is funny that you support the unethical rule of majority over minority. But then you can, you can be the oppressor.

      Thirdly, nobody earns for the government’s wishes to act diplomatically/bastardizingly/immorally/idiotically.

      Fourthly, it simply turn out to the basic principle, the man who earns his money should have proper right to decide how his money should be used/wasted/invested/dropped on in a spetic tank. No other person, no government no diplomatic group of bastards have any right to decide anything regarding his earned money. Since the government do so, it is immoral, it is evil.

  2. samay
    September 23, 2010 at 9:37 am

    You may be ready for anarchy but masses are not, history, even very recent ones is replete with instances when states have failed/got defunct. Results were horrific at each instance. Pure anarchy cannot exist in present state of human collective conscious. We need to evolve a hell lot for that. You may argue for Anarcho-capitalism. It will however eventually lead to plutocracy. Men crave for power, in anarcho-capitalist system; capital is the ultimate mover and power. There will be conflict of interest where finally this power will be used by one individual over other. Power whichever form it may be, be it money, muscle, or mind, will be used by one individual over other.
    The problem with most philosophy is that they fail to acknowledge human nature, it flaws, or so to say its virtues. Democracy is flawed, so is every other existing system, so would be every conceivable system you think of. It takes not much imagination to guess what would happen to any system with time. Yes, we must keep trying new ways, that’s the way we evolve; anarcho-capitalism must also be given a try, and see where it leads us. We may not live to see that day, but humanity I hope does.

    As for my work, the day me and my kind will stop working, present world order will collapse that very day. It may be the day you long for, but I guess the world at large is not ready for that as yet. You have to respect my individual choice and judgement on that. It happens to be the bedrock of your philosophy.

    • Unpretentious Diva
      September 23, 2010 at 10:52 am

      I am not living for Masses, I am living for my own cause. You can keep serving the masses.

  3. Shaurya
    September 23, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Look….I accept what you said in above article…I have started reading the economics by Ludwig von mises…Ok…we all know what is wrong…we all know that we all know that this is wrong…..we all know that 1 person can quit but it will hardly affect the majority…I am in favor of quitting the destruction of myself……But,There must be any solution to stop this loot by few individuals who call themselves “government”…They are our paid workers…above was not the double..but the triple loot…firstly,we paid them for their work…secondly the loot our pay and thirdly,they distribute it for our destruction….

    Then tell me…isn’t there any way,,,God damn it,,there must be 1 way to fight this loot…Why such looters are acting for their own destruction,why they are slaves,just because there are few politicians who are in reality “masters” and expert in fooling the majorities..???

    Tell me Diva,What can be done……This is obviously a life long fight,because firstly freedom has to be snatched away by looters and then it has to be preserved…..Tell me just one solution that I alone can contribute…Don’t say that stop helping your looters..I am doing that already…Don’t say that Be the educated person in government posts and change the rules..I have interest in science…My goals are different…Yes,One thing I can do is to educate…But how many persons I can educate…??If you can give any ideas…I will be thankful to you..



    • Unpretentious Diva
      September 26, 2010 at 5:41 am


      I respect you. I am able to answer you too, but it is not the right time. I may fail to convince you with my answer at this moment of time. One day will come when I will be able to convince you to think by your own self and to understand that the destruction you are fearing about is not actually the destruction, but it would be nothing more than the action to plough/Plow the earth/soul which is fertile and is able to create a free world for herself.

  4. February 16, 2011 at 9:50 am

    Can I simply say what a reduction to find someone who truly knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know methods to carry a difficulty to light and make it important. Extra people need to read this and understand this aspect of the story. I cant believe youre not more in style because you undoubtedly have the gift.

  5. Unpretentious Diva
    February 23, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    There is No Reduction. I was on hiatus, and I guess I am back! Meanwhile, I was trying to start translating some books on Libertarianism. I kept trying but Hindi isn’t too easy to type. Now I have started translating some books and soon I will publish some.

  6. August 12, 2011 at 5:10 am

    MMS is the most corrupt PM and he will surely pay and so will Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi.

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