Cultivating the Famine

Famine relief fundHe was a senior clerk at municipal office, naturally unsatisfied, struggling and angry about his own work. He was looking for a rescue from his poor state and he came to know the government plan to employ some good workers at areas suffering food shortage and crisis. He thought of devoting himself for this noble cause, hoping for emancipation by serving the human kind, helping the famine hit poor. Yet, it was not that easy to get a chance to be employed at the regions suffering famine. He knew he would need a high approach and references from higher officials and politicians and he was ready to bribe some. All of his colleagues who were employed for the famine relief programme were already glittering like a fresh red rose within a month, while he was still suffering the same old job and he was determined to get a chance at any cost.

He came to my house very early in the morning and said, “Madam, “koi Jugaad lagaao“; help me in finding a way out. I asked, for what?

Carbon emission norms: A green initiative

Globalization not only has raised a stage of cultural sharing and expansions, it has provided a wider scope in every aspect of common life whole round the world.
National politics is also not unscathed of the global effects. Out national politics and economics, so much depends on the various global international groups, organizations, planning commissions, treaties and protocols.
One of the most important of them is the Kyoto Protocol and Environmentalism is the new political mantra at the helm.
Almost every other country is now whirling around to cut the carbon emission rates.
Now when there are enough evidences that global warming is nothing but a fake idea, the environmentalist politicians have a new way to rush upon their emotional tactics based on the call to “save mother earth”.

Interview With God

Speaking in what is only His second interview in more than two millenia, God has said He wants to be categorically ‘on the record’ that Paris Hilton definitely hasn’t found him. His comments were made to Moses XLIII, the forty-third generation descendent of Moses who recorded God’s first interview.

“There’s no way Paris Hilton could have found me,” Moses quoted God as saying on his ABC television program ‘Stone Tablet News’ on Monday. “I am Almighty and I don’t just move in mysterious ways, I’m darn good at playing hide-and-seek!”

Moses said God, who sounded in fine spirits despite dwindling numbers of believers, thinks Hilton had Him confused with His only begotten son, Jesus.

Protectors of Physics against the pseudo-scientists, quacks and daydreamers

Where it should be the age of reason, India and in fact whole world is facing the quagmires of irrationalities, conformist moralities, pseudo-sciences, and games of quacks. Clairvoyant hotlines propagations, politicians confer with astrologers and public rebuff their doctor’s recommendations…

Bonsai, socialistic collectivistic controlling and peer pressure.

Living like a Bonsai aren’t we? Controlled under the supercilious governing bodies of society. ——————————————————————————– Sculpted to please, Beauty contained’ Nurtured with love , Checked and tamed. Tortured we are, Bound and bent’ Grown to perfection, With meticulous care. Controlled…